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Keolis in the US

Suburban rail

In 2014, Keolis began operating the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Commuter Rail system, the fifth largest rail system in the US and the single largest transportation contract in the country, pledging improved customer service and on-time performance. Keolis manages rail lines spanning 388 miles over 14 routes serving 138 stations, carrying more than 36 million passengers per year throughout Greater Boston. 

Since 2010, Keolis has operated the Virginia Rail Express (VRE), a commuter rail line serving Washington, DC’s Northern Virginia suburbs, a busy corridor carrying 20,000 passengers on a daily basis. 

Boston commuter service key figures

  • 1,068 km of track
  • 14 lines
  • 491 trains
  • 130,000 passengers per day

VRE key figures

  • 30 trains
  • 18 stations
  • 145 km of track
  • 20,000 passengers per day
  • 110 employees

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Bus and coach services


Keolis provides fixed-route and paratransit transportation, as well as airport, college and corporate shuttles, taxi operations and other transit-related services such as call center management and fleet maintenance, through its subsidiary Keolis Transit America. 

Keolis Transit America, which has been providing transportation solutions through its legacy companies for over 75 years, operates contracts throughout the United States from East Coast to West Coast. The organization staffs nearly 1,800 employees and works with over 500 independent contractors.

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