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Keolis in the US

Suburban rail

Keolis Rail Services America is the operator of Virginia Rail Express (VRE), a commuter rail service which transports passengers to Union Station in Washington DC from the state of Virginia, to the south. Keolis was preferred to the national rail operator Amtrak during this bid.

The particularity of passenger services in the USA that commuter services are operated only in the morning and the evening. Outside of these periods the tracks are used exclusively by freight companies.

Operations commenced on July,12, 2010.

Key figures

  • 30 trains,
  • 18 stations,
  • 145 km of track,
  • 20,000 passengers per day,
  • 110 employees.

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Bus and coach services

In November 2011, Keolis America Inc., Keolis’ subsidiary in the United States, purchased Tectrans, a public transit operator headquartered in California, which later became Keolis Transit America (KTA).

Keolis Transit America provides a full spectrum of transportation services including operation of fixed-route transportation systems, paratransit and airport shuttle operations, fleet management and maintenance, and logistics and routing services.

Keolis operates transit operations in the following:

  • California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Long Beach, Van Nuys, Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena, Anaheim, Monrovia, Martinez, Pomona, Merced County and South Lake Tahoe.
  • Florida: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, South Florida, Pompano Beach, Margate, Naples, and Collier County.
  • Nevada : Las Vegas.
  • Virginia: Richmond and Northern VA.

Key figures

  • 100 contracts,
  • 1,525 vehicles,
  • 1,400 employees.

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