Being part of the community includes employing people from within it. Keolis strives to have a workforce that reflects the diversity of society, both from an ethnic and a gender point of view. Over recent years the proportion of female employees within the company has considerably increased both within management and as drivers.

Keolis also stays close to the communities it serves through visits to schools to raise awareness among pupils of the importance of good public transport in their area. Alongside environmental concerns, pupils are also made aware of safety and security issues: behaving responsibly on public transport and being aware of road safety dangers at stops and stations.

Another initiative of note is Keolis' role in promoting local community information centres in France called PIMMS. These centres enable contact to be made between inhabitants and public services and administrations in areas where access to these services is limited, often in socially sensitive districts. Visitors to the centre can receive help in areas in which they are experiencing problems, whether financial or administrative. Keolis was one of the founding members of the PIMMS alongside the French post office and utilities companies such as water, gas and electricity providers. Today there are 31 offices of this type across France.