PMR Transport in Paris: Keolis and PAM75 are going electric

By introducing the first four of 70 new 100% electric vehicles for PAM75 by the end of 2018, Keolis is instigating the clean energy transition for France’s leading provider of transport for passengers with reduced mobility. This initiative is in line with the City of Paris’ environmental objectives, and makes the Group a pioneer in sustainable mobility for people with disabilities.

Electric energy and LPG: PAM75’s winning combination for the environment 

Keolis Mobilité Paris, the Group’s subsidiary that operates PAM75, the Parisian transport solution for passengers with reduced mobility, jointly funded by the City of Paris, the public transport authority STIF and the Greater Paris region, has added four new 100% electric vehicles on top of the one launched in June 2016. The introduction of zero-emission vehicles marks the first stage of renewing the entire fleet, to make PAM75 the leading transport network for passengers with reduced mobility operating entirely on ‘clean’ energy.  In line with the commitments Keolis made upon the renewal of the PAM75 contract in June 2016, by 2018 60% of the fleet will be electric and the other 40% will run on liquid petroleum gas (LPG), thereby reducing its CO2 emissions by 60%.

A model of electric vehicle specially adapted for the market 

Keolis has kept the Nissan eNV200 model based on its level of passenger comfort and environmental performance. The Group has called on Morice, a company specialised in adapting cars for disabled people, to modify these vehicles so they can accommodate a wheelchair passenger and four other passengers, plus the driver. Testing the vehicles at several pilot phases with PAM75 customers has given Keolis a solid understanding of the vehicle’s operating conditions, battery life and the use of charging stations around Paris.

EFFIA, providing economical charging solutions

To manage charging its 70 future electric vehicles, PAM75 will rely on EFFIA, the Keolis subsidiary specialised in parking, which develops and installs facilities for electric vehicles in car parks. 36 double (eTotem) recharging points will be installed in the EFFIA car park in Bercy to manage the overnight trickle charge of vehicles in an efficient and economical manner. The recharge stations open to the public in Paris, Belib’ and Autolib’, will also be used during the day.

PAM75 en chiffres

icone transports

300 000
passenger journeys each year

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drivers and attendants

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vehicles, of which 60% are expected to be electric
and 40% LPG by 2018

Using digital solutions to provide customer information in real-time.   

All PAM75 vehicles are equipped with an Operating Support System that informs customers in real-time of the arrival of their vehicle or of any disruptions to the service.  To ensure that this information is accessible to everyone (including passengers with visual or auditory impairments etc.), customers can choose to receive the information by email, text, or voice message via mobile phone or landline. As well as being a source of reassurance for customers, this device also facilitates operational transitions between journeys, thereby improving punctuality.     
To further develop this service, in 2017 PAM75 will provide its customers with a mobile app through which they can follow the progress of the vehicle in real-time. Once on board, they will be able to view the journey itinerary and the different stops on their smartphone.

Keolis strives to be the best possible partner, and is working with the City of Paris to meet the challenge of providing sustainable and adapted transport solutions.”


Jean-Pierre Farandou, CEO Keolis Group