Operational Excellence

Our commitment to delivering the best possible service
Delivering what we have committed to... and striving to do it better every day. With every new contract win, Keolis promises to provide the optimal level of service. Keolis is also committed to a continuous improvement approach, with a special focus on three key areas: increasing safety and security; reducing fare evasion; and improving energy efficiency. The Group’s key objective is the daily satisfaction of passengers and public transport authorities that place their trust in Keolis.

Safety first

Passenger and employee safety is Keolis’ priority. Each subsidiary rigorously adheres to a continuous improvement approach based on a Group-wide safety framework and management system. Feedback and best-practice sharing from across 16 countries mean our 300 subsidiaries benefit from the expertise of our networks across the globe. Thanks to this approach, the accident frequency rate in our bus and coach business decreased by 6% in 2015 and the level of seriousness of accidents decreased by 34%.

Reducing fare evasion to improve services

Ticket revenue is essential to the smooth running of a network and the ongoing improvement of passenger services. That's why Keolis has made the campaign to reduce fare evasion a strategic driver of operational excellence. Each network draws up concrete action plans to best meet the expectations of their local transport authority. These plans are developed in line with Group guidelines and include:

  • improved measurement techniques to understand fare-evader profiles and the reasons behind their actions,
  • more efficient purchasing processes and adapted fare structures,
  • reinforcement of actions to encourage systematic validation by passengers
  • rethink the approach to checking tickets and the fine payment process, in order to discourage fare evaders

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The percentage of passengers who admit they sometimes forget to validate their ticket

Better use of energy resources

More and more cities and regions are embracing sustainable development. To meet their needs, Keolis has made the reduction of energy consumption a priority across all its subsidiaries.


+ 30%
the predicted increase in energy costs over the next five years
  • Buildings: modernisation of lighting, heating and cooling equipment, energy-saving guidelines…
  • Buses and coaches: preventive vehicle maintenance, eco-driving training, new engines running on alternative fuels...
  • Trains/Metros/Trams: regenerative braking, eco-driving training, etc.

Three benefits of eco-driving

Smoother driving saves fuel and improves passenger comfort and safety.


Fare evasion is everyone’s concern

Collective transport means collective effort! Keolis believes the implication of all business units is decisive in improving the quality and economic profitability of services. Operations and Maintenance obviously ensure the safety and quality of network operations, but Marketing designs efficient service offers. Finance accurately measures and manages revenue, and Human Resources foster skills development. Each subsidiary’s management team is responsible for encouraging all employees to contribute to concrete objectives and projects designed to continually improve the standard of passenger services.