A maintenance policy powering performance
Maintenance is a key driver of safety, service quality, and financial performance in public transport networks, and Keolis implements an extremely rigorous maintenance policy across all its subsidiaries. The Group strives to achieve excellence in this area through the industrialisation of methods and organisational processes.

A wide scope of intervention

Keolis’ maintenance policy is implemented in each subsidiary and concerns:

  • all rolling stock: buses, coaches, trams, metros, trains, funicular railways, cable cars, boats, service vehicles...
  • all fixed installations, structures, systems, high and low voltage equipment, machinery, and tools.

Four maintenance missions

  1. Safely maintain the operational condition of all equipment
  2. Provide equipment in line with contractual obligations and customer needs
  3. Ensure the operational management of maintenance activities (staff skills, team leadership...)
  4. Continuously improve maintenance’s contribution to financial performance

Maximising the value of vehicles

Keolis has partnered with a specialised platform to resell vehicles from its subsidiaries’ fleets. Sales reserved for trade professionals are organised each month. In 2014, 276 vehicles, for the most part over 15 years old, were sold for a total of more than 2 million euros.  


A seven-point reference tool

Keolis has created maintenance guidelines based on manufacturers' recommendations, as well as feedback from subsidiaries and other industrial sectors. The guidelines are structured around seven core themes (organisation and planning, purchasing and procurement, operations management, operational performance, working environment, skills management, and cost control), and are designed to help industrialise and align maintenance practices across all subsidiaries.

Driving continuous improvement

Keolis launched a continuous maintenance improvement initiative in 2015. KIHM (Keolis Industrialises and Harmonises its Maintenance) is designed to help subsidiaries implement the guidelines in their local network operations. A limited number of indicators enable each subsidiary’s maintenance teams to permanently monitor and manage performance, on an individual workshop level, as well as across the entire business.

Training for all

Local maintenance supervisors in all Keolis subsidiaries receive training in preparation for the deployment of KIHM in their local networks. A total of around 450 people will be trained as part of this initiative in France.