2016 Corporate reports

Annual report, At a glance, financial reports
Key figures, financial data, strategies, worldwide operations, interviews with experts and top management, human resource tools, corporate social responsibility information: a range of publications are available for you to discover more about the activities and expertise of the Group. Click on the images to download the publications.


Annual report

Keolis’ Annual Report provides an overview of the key events of the previous year, an interview with Keolis’ Executive Chairman, as well as an outline of its strategic position and plans for future development. It is a key reference for Keolis’ expertise and successes both in France and internationally.

At A Glance

Operations, key figures, governance: At A Glance is a snapshot of everything you need to know about Keolis.

Financial Report 

The Group’s financial statements are released annually via separate reports for its two legal entities, Keolis SAS and Keolis SA.

A closer look at the 2017 Annual Report

Accelerating our progress

A recap of a year marked by new contract wins around the world, the renewal of existing contracts, ongoing innovation and strengthened partnerships. In 2016, Keolis accelerated its progress and secured its position as the preferred partner for public transport authorities. 

Connecting our expertise

With 58,300 employees based in 16 countries, Keolis helps over 3 billion passengers annually to experience more enjoyable mobility day after day. With expertise in over 10 transport modes, the Group promotes multimodality and improves quality of life in the communities it operates in. 

Looking further together

Guided by its corporate continuous improvement programme, Keolis employees demonstrate their commitment on a daily basis by taking initiatives, sharing best practice, and developing the mobility solutions of tomorrow.