La Bonne Station app


All the bus, metro, tram and vcub information you need for your journey

You need to find a vcub station to rent or return a bicycle? Whether you need the information for now or later on, the La Bonne Station app will always direct you to the VCub station you need. And even the one that will earn you subscription days!

The app presents a map and list of stations near you and bicycle availability in real-time.

New! Need a station later on?

With the new VCub Prédict’ function, the app displays predicted bicycle availability at VCub stations:

  • The “VCub Prédict’” menu displays the predicted availability at the stations near you for the times you enter
  • In the list of stations a blue arrow indicates the availability trends
  • In the individual station pages, a curve shows the predicted bicycle availability for that station over the next 12 hours

Earn free travel days

If you have monthly or annual VCub subscription, enter your TBC card number in the app and find a reward station:

  • On the station map, the reward stations near you are shown in gold or with a crown
  • Open the “Stations gagnantes” (Reward Stations) menu to view the list of reward stations near you

A station becomes a “reward” when it is almost full and you a need to borrow a bicycle or when it is almost empty and you have a VCub to return. An reward station automatically extends your subscription by one day. You can earn up to 30 days free travel if you are VCub monthly subscriber, or up to 365 days if you have an annual subscription.

This app is available in French only.