Gender equality

Keolis is committed to attracting and keeping female talent. The Group supports each subsidiary to develop an environment of inclusivity that promotes gender equality.

A Group committed to gender equality in the workplace 

Keolis’ diversity and inclusion strategy is aimed at guaranteeing an equitable work environment where each individual feels listened to and supported, in order to perform to their best. Keolis’ commitment to gender equality is based on four main objectives: 

  • Promoting diversity within each subsidiary 
  • Promoting the percentage of women in management positions 
  • Raising awareness among employees about the challenges to do with inclusion and gender equality in the workplace
  • Ensuring that wage equality exists between women and men within each subsidiary

An approach recognised externally and communicated within the Group 

The Group, which signed the Diversity Charter ( in 2006, achieved the Equality certification in 2010, and then the GEEIS certification (Gender Equality European & International Standard) in 2016.     
Knowing that this is the foundation of employee engagement, Keolis makes sure that every subsidiary, regardless of its location, shares its objectives with staff and rolls out initiatives promoting gender equality
In order to highlight the great work done by subsidiaries, the Group encourages them to obtain special certification by an independent accreditation body. In 2019, Keolis set itself the objective of having 50% of employees working for a subsidiary certified for Gender Equality, in contrast to 33% in 2017. 

Concrete examples on the ground

Keolis’ commitment to this issue has been illustrated by a range of initiatives implemented by subsidiaries. 

Keolis becomes the first company in India to obtain gender equality certification 

Keolis Hyderabad, which started operating the city’s new automated metro network on 29 November 2017, has become the first company in India to obtain the GEEIS gender equality certification. To achieve this certification, the subsidiary implemented a range of initiatives aimed at increasing the number of women in the workforce. This included a new video showing it is possible to maintain a good work-life balance when working for the company. The subsidiary has also formed a partnership with the police to ensure the safety of female employees when travelling to and from work.

In Bordeaux, a campaign against sexual harassment onboard public transport

Keolis Bordeaux Métropole, who achieved the gender equality certification in 2017, awarded by AFNOR, launched in September 2017 a campaign against sexual harrassment and assault on the public transport network. The public campaign highlighting unacceptable sexual behaviour, was also shown to Keolis employees in order to remind them of the relevant laws and the actions to take in such a situation. 

Keolis Mobilité Paris doesn’t forget mums, or dads 

Keolis Mobilité Paris, which operates PAM 75, the Paris transport service for people with reduced mobility, has introduced a new innovation to promote a better work/life balance.  The subsidiary, which also has the gender equality certification, put in place a system for allocating work hours for employees. Thanks to this tool, the subsidiary’s 186 employees can request to work in the morning rather at night, or also schedule their rest days for Wednesdays (when many French children don’t have school). The company also allows each employee to be with their young children during the back-to-school period. 

Keolis women talk work

To coincide with International Women’s Day on 8 March 2018, Keolis has produced five video profiles of female employees.  These five spokeswomen have different cultural and career backgrounds, and share their vision of female career development at Keolis.
Watch the videos, and apply now