Gender equality

Keolis is committed to attracting and keeping talent. The Group supports each subsidiary to develop an environment of inclusivity that promotes gender equality.

A Group committed to gender equality in the workplace 

Keolis’ diversity and inclusion strategy is aimed at guaranteeing an equitable work environment where each individual feels listened to and supported, in order to perform to their best. Keolis’ commitment to gender equality is based on six commitments: 

  • Ensure diversity in our recruitment process
  • Facilitate employability of Keolis employees
  • Ensure fair treatment in the career management
  • Offer another view on transportation and our profession
  • Develop local partnerships
  • Take into account the work/personal life balance

An approach recognised externally and communicated within the Group 

The Group, which signed the Diversity Charter in 2006, achieved the Equality certification in 2010, and then the GEEIS certification (Gender Equality European & International Standard) in 2016.     
Knowing that this is the foundation of employee engagement, Keolis makes sure that every subsidiary, regardless of its location, shares its objectives with staff and rolls out initiatives promoting gender equality
In order to highlight the great work done by subsidiaries, the Group encourages them to obtain special certification by an independent accreditation body. In 2019, 87% of Keolis employees are working for a subsidiary certified for Gender Equality, in contrast to 33% in 2017. 

Keolis ambassadors highlights the opportunities offered by Keolis

All our employees have the chance to develop within the company whatever their age, background or degrees.