Our induction programme

A comprehensive induction programme to welcome you to the company
"WelKome": the name of Keolis’ induction programme for new recruits says it all. This comprehensive initiative is designed to welcome you to the company, to help you discover more about the Group, and settle in successfully to your new professional community.

The five key objectives of the WelKome programme

  1. To get to know the Keolis Group, its strategy, organisation, and different business lines and activities
  2. To adopt and adhere to Keolis’ strategy and values
  3. To become part of a professional community: HR processes, career management, mobility opportunities
  4. To help build your professional network
  5. To understand your role in the Group's busines

Using e-learning to get to know Keolis

Once you start in your new role, make sure you register yourself on WelKome.com, our e-learning platform compatible with PCs, tablets, and smartphones. A range of graphics, quizzes, video testimonials, and interactive interviews will help you discover the Keolis Group and its activities.

An e-meeting with HR

You’ll also have the chance to participate in a live, online, interactive meeting with our Human Resources team. This is an opportunity to discover the processes, key milestones, and HR tools available to help you successfully manage your career within the Group.

A three-day induction seminar

Experience Keolis “live”, thanks to a three-day seminar in two key parts :

  • One day at Group headquarters in Paris to meet Keolis managers, have lunch with members of the Executive Committee, and increase your knowledge of the Group
  • Two days of immersion in both urban and regional networks, to discover the reality of Keolis’ operations, with visits to depots and maintenance workshops, as well as "In my shoes" activities, to experience a network from a passenger’s perspective.