The good reasons to join us

Keolis is firmly entrenched in the life of local communities. Our quest to build a more sustainable society and to reinvent mobility via a dynamic innovation policy, are just some of the reasons to join our 68,500 employees and bring more meaning to your career.

At the heart of things, here and abroad

Do you like making a difference? So do we. Working at Keolis means adapting to local culture, integrating the habits of local communities, and working to address the core of local issues. Our goal is to meet the needs of local citizens. How do we do this? By putting ourselves in their shoes. That’s what our "Thinking like a passenger" philosophy is all about, and the objective behind our approach around the world ,. Our Local presence and ability to adapt, combined with our international expertise, is what makes the Keolis Group unique.

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Building a more sustainable world

Do you want to help protect the environment? So do we. Keolis public transport systems contribute to a more sustainable and more connected world. We design and implement solutions to help cities become "smart cities" - better places to live - and connect communities and regions, while at the same time safeguarding natural resources and reducing CO2 emissions.

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Inventing tomorrow’s mobility, today

Do you like to innovate? So do we. We’re constantly developing new solutions to help make public transport more attractive; to meet the expectations of local authorities and their inhabitants; and to anticipate future developments in mobility. Big Data, digital applications, smart technologies, electric vehicles, open innovation... These are just some of innovative tools and techniques Keolis is using today, to shape the mobility of tomorrow.

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