Customer relationship

A tailor-made customer relationship
Keolis believes listening to passengers is key to continuously improving services and co-constructing tomorrow’s mobility solutions. This approach is part of the Group’s broader commitment to engage in close, highly personalised relationships with passengers.

Listening to customers

In addition to regular customer satisfaction surveys, the Group has developed innovative measures to gather feedback throughout the customer journey. Each subsidiary uses multiple channels (customer-facing staff, telephone, mail, email, social networks...) to facilitate contact with passengers and meet their needs and expectations, or address their complaints. Keolis is committed to responding to each customer request rapidly and empathetically. This ‘listening’ approach is embodied through initiatives such as "Meet the Managers" events and personalised replies to customers.

Personalised customer relationships

Keolis accompanies each passenger throughout their journey. Personalised information on preferred routes and timetables, updates on the network and local news via websites, mobile apps, social networks, or customer-facing staff are just some of the ways Keolis facilitates customers’ day-to-day lives.
Passengers receive offers and services tailored to their needs at every key moment in the customer lifecycle: from a welcome program, to subscription renewal or support during changes in status (the transition from studies to employment, from employment to retirement...). This personalised approach is founded on the use and enhancement of customer databases via the Group CRM (customer relationship management) tool.

A strong customer culture

Efficient customer relationships are founded on a strong customer culture. That’s why the Group's subsidiaries, including Lyon, Orleans, Hyderabad and Melbourne, work together with their employees to develop a customer service focus across the entire workforce. Managers are the ambassadors of this approach; internally with their teams, and externally through regular contact with customers.


customer satisfaction points in one year in Orleans, France, following the "Cap Client" programme

A committed Group

Satisfying passengers and public transport authorities also means committing to providing them with the service they expect.

In order to achieve this objective, each network formalises its service proposal and associated customer promises, and shares it with passengers in the form of customer engagement charters.

Satisfied or refunded

In Cherbourg, the Zephyr bus network refunds passengers’ travel costs if their bus arrives more than 5 minutes late at their destination.

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