Ethics and compliance

Keolis has been commited since 2013 to a transparent and exemplary approach to business, founded on the respect of strict regulations and ethical standards. Whether it concerns the Group’s relationship to public or private clients, suppliers, contractors or stakeholders, this commitment to fair business practices guides the daily actions of Group employees and is one of the key pillars of Keolis’ social responsibility policy.

Ethics and compliance at the heart of Keolis’ social responsibility

Like all businesses, Keolis wants to develop and win contracts in all its areas of activity, in France and abroad, while respecting the highest standards of business ethics. The Group is evolving in an increasingly competitive and regulated environment, and has therefore established strict principles and rules for itself regarding ethics and compliance, in accordance with its commitments to social responsibility
Shared by its 68,500 collaborators around the world, this transparent and exemplary approach aims not only to satisfy Group legal obligations but more importantly, to allow the Group to act responsibly with its clients, suppliers and stakeholders in each country where it is present.

A concrete and demanding compliance programme, focused on three major areas

Since 2013, Keolis has been operating based on a compliance programme integrated into the Group’s continuous improvement framework, Keolife, under the topic of fair business practices. Known as ‘Konformité’, this programme uses simple and practical terms to describe the right behaviour as well as what is forbidden, both by law and by the Group’s ethical business standards. It enables each employee to adopt the right attitude on a daily basis, in order to prevent and manage risks they might be confronted with.
Konformité is structured around three main areas:

  • The strict respect of free and fair competition 
  • The prevention of corruption and fraud 
  • The protection of personal data 

For each field of action, the Konformité programme specifies the fundamental principles to be respected, prohibited practices and daily check points. 

A comprehensive programme to become fully compliant

The Konformité programme is also dedicated to providing training and other useful tools for Group employees.

  • A workstream composed of the Ethics & Compliance Committee that brings together representatives from all Group entities and a network of correspondants to encourage the adoption of good business ethics, a culture of compliance and the achievement of programme benchmarks.
  • Training: an e-learning module on prevention and corruption; ‘governance and business ethics’ modules included in the induction programme for new employees, etc.
  • Practical and accessible information centered on two reference documents: the ‘Keolis Group ethical guide to business affairs’ and the ‘Code of conduct for the prevention of corruption and conflicts of interest’. These are complemented by reference guides dedicated to the three key areas of the programme.  Suppliers and commercial partners (link at are also welcome to refer to the ‘Commercial partner relationship guide’.
  • A professional whistleblowing system is also set up for employees and permanent and short-term employees: Keolis Ethic Line