Keolis launches the first mobility coach on a French transport network in Dijon

The first of its kind in France, this virtual mobility assistant provides an end-to-end conversational, voice-assisted experience via a mobile app. It leverages the power of artificial intelligence, smart data and voice assistance to provide passengers with an inclusive experience, supporting them with their essential mobility requirements (itineraries, service, traffic situation, etc.).

On 1 October 2019, Keolis and Divia Mobilités launched the vocal mobility coach, making commuting across the network more straightforward for passengers. With an interface that can be accessed directly from the Divia Mobilités app , it combines artificial intelligence, smart data and voice assistance, providing passengers with tailored support as they look for itineraries, find out when the next bus or tram arrives at a particular stop or get traffic information for the various cities and villages across the urban area.

[1] available for free on iOS and Android

An interface co-developed with passengers…

Designed to simplify and encourage the use of public transport, the mobility coach is part of an overall inclusive approach for meeting the needs of all passengers. Over five months, 25 of them tested the mobility coach, helping with its development before it was finally released to the general public.

By adopting this collaborative approach, the application’s features and functions were co-developed and a more refined understanding of how passengers used the services was built up so as to improve its performance.  This launch marks the beginning of a new learning phase for the tool, the technical performance of which will become reliable as passengers submit requests (based on the principles of machine learning).

… before the release of a second version brimming with new features

Over the next few months, the mobility coach will get new functions – including the ability to issue personalised recommendations, depending on passengers' preferences and habits, and to give them a history of their journeys. The voice assistant will also be able to anticipate passengers' needs by suggesting other modes of mobility or alternative itineraries, as well as warning them of any unexpected events and helping them through their journeys in real time. Currently under study, this new component will be deployed in Rennes, in partnership with Rennes Metropole (the PTA). 

A project that illustrates the Group's innovative strategy 

This first version of the mobility coach is evidence of the Group's innovative approach and is the result of the collaborative efforts of four players operating in Keolis' digital ecosystem:
-    Keolis’ innovation, data and digital department
-    Mindsay, a start-up specialised in developing conversational intelligence 
-    Koredge, developer of the Divia Mobilités application
-    Kisio, Keolis’ dedicated solutions and services subsidiary, which has developed API for calculating itineraries. 

Determined to protect users' personal data, Keolis has designed in accordance with the principles of “privacy-by-design”, which ensure protection of people's privacy right from the tool's design phase. To talk to the coach, users first have to click on an icon. This way, they remain in control of the whole experience and of their data, without having to worry that the voice assistant is passively listening to them.

Divia Mobilités network – a few key figures 

  • Around 750 employees
  • 2 tram lines
  • 28 bus routes
  • A bicycle fleet 
  • 10 car parks and 2 managed park-and-ride facilities
  • 175,000 journeys per day
  • 45 million passengers per year
  • 20,000 active users of the Divia Mobilités application per day