Keolis receives the European Most Admired Knowledge Enterprise (MAKE) award

Keolis has been recognised for outstanding knowledge sharing and collaboration, as part of the 2017 European Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) awards. This is the first time a mobility solutions operator has received a MAKE award, since the programme was created in 1999. The award illustrates Keolis’ leadership in transforming business knowledge into added value for the organisation and its stakeholders.

Keolis has placed third in the highly competitive 2017 European Most Admired Knowledge Enterprises (MAKE) report. 

A total of 48 organisations were nominated for MAKE awards this year, with 23 making it to the finals. Of these, only 13 organisations received awards, including Keolis with a score of 68.91 out of 80, coming first in the collaboration and knowledge sharing category, and ranking third overall. 

Strong knowledge management undoubtedly increases a business’ capacity to innovate. This objective is all the more important for a Group like Keolis, which brings together a wealth of best practices, expertise and different cultures, thanks to its 58,300 employees across 300 subsidiaries worldwide.

This is why five years ago Keolis created KeoShare, an online employee collaboration tool to promote and accelerate knowledge-sharing between Keolis subsidiaries, in the 16 countries where the Group is present. The online tool helps employees reach out to their peers and benefit from lessons learned and best practices across all areas of the business, including safety, customer services, operations and maintenance.

In order to increase the number of employees using the tool, Keolis launched KeoSphere in April 2017, a new tool combining the company’s intranet portal and the KeoShare knowledge sharing platform.

Since the launch of KeoShare five years ago, more than 150,000 documents have been shared and downloaded 355,000 times. Two thousand discussion topics have been created with 4,200 responses across 180 different communities.

Since April 2017, KeoSphere now has:

  • 6,000 members
  • 79,000 site visits
  • 8,000 search requests per week
  • More than 7,000 page views per day.

Subsidiaries in France, USA, Sweden and Australia are the biggest users of the platform.

We are proud to receive this award, as it recognises our ability to use our collective intelligence to benefit both passengers and employees. The promotion of ‘living better together’ should start from within an organisation. This culture of knowledge sharing should enable all employees to use their expertise and that of their colleagues around the world, to develop truly personalised mobility solutions.


Jean-Pierre Farandou, Keolis Group Executive Chairman