Keolis launches ‘KeoBike’, an innovative bike sharing concept in the Netherlands 

As part of their programme to make the first and last kilometre of a journey easier, on December 1st 2016 Keolis and its Netherlands-based subsidiary, Syntus, launched in the presence of Prince Pieter Christiaan van Oranje a new bike-hire scheme accessible to everyone via their smartphone

A brand new system for hiring bikes  

Keolis through its Dutch subsidiary Syntus have developed KeoBike, a new bike-hire scheme.  Available in 24 locations across the Veluwe and Utrecht provinces (East and Central Netherlands), KeoBike enables people to reserve then unlock a bike via their smartphone.

Hiring a bike made as easy as using an app

Using the Mobilock app, the customer is able to reserve a bike remotely, then unlock it through the I-beacon installed in the locking mechanism. This mechanism makes it possible to safely park your bike (while shopping, for example) without a manual bike lock.

An environmentally and socially responsible scheme

The bikes are suspended from carousels developed by the Engineering Society Lo Minck Systems, partnered with Keolis. These Lo Minck carousels are a stylish addition to the streetscape, with a solar panel system on the roof generating the required power to rotate the bikes as and when they are needed.

In keeping with Keolis’ commitment to social responsibility, Syntus has formed a partnership with a local community business called Felua-groep to carry out bike maintenance and repairs.

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KeoBikes available for hire in 24 locations across the Netherlands

The launch of the new bike sharing concept 'KeoBike'