tramTRACKER app

THe official app for Melbourne's tram network

tramTRACKER – Melbourne’s official tram app for real-time tram arrival information.

If you're in Melbourne, Australia you can find out when your tram is coming - via your Android smart phone. With tramTRACKER® for Android from Yarra Trams you can check real-time tram arrival information for any tram stop in Melbourne.

tramTRACKER® uses the latest real-time technology to let you know when your tram is due to arrive at your stop, so you know when to be there. If there's a major delay or disruption you'll find out about that as well.

Main Features: 

  • Real-time information display includes tram profiles so you know what type of tram is approaching. 
  • Next three arrival time information for each service at tram stops. Times refresh automatically.
  • Locate your nearest tram stop
  • Drop-down message alerts for service disruptions and changes.
  • "myTRAM" - showing where your tram currently is and predicting the arrival time at your destination stop. 
  • Browse for stops using route maps, search or use GPS to find your stop. 
  • Customise your favourite stops by route and name (e.g. work, home)
  • Choose your preferred view method - map or list
  • Find a tram stop with shelter when it's raining
  • See nearby train, tram and bus connecting services.
  • Discover major attractions and points of interest.
  • Colour coded tram route maps
  • Find your nearest ticket outlet or view ticket outlets along tram routes
  • Search for stops, ticket outlets, and points of interest.
  • Online help - to guide your first steps