The collective commitment of the 68,500 men and women that make up Keolis is the primary driving force behind the group's development. In order to cultivate this pool of talent, we do all we can to fulfil their aspirations through a human resources policy based on listening and a collaborative approach. Accordingly, in 2019, we developed a management framework aligned with our employees’ expectations that led them to define our new employer brand in order to find arguments to convince candidates to join us. And to enable each employee to become an agent of their own development at Keolis, we provide numerous tools and opportunities to help them enrich their skills and build the career path that suits them.


Pascal Jacquesson
Managing Director of Keolis Lyon

“I took part in the KeoPeople working group to share the experience acquired by Keolis Lyon, which has its own management reference system. In 2011, we launched OKe Service, an approach aimed at simultaneously anchoring a service culture and a managerial culture based on the following principle: what we ask of our 4,500 employees with regard to customers, we also ask of managers with regard to employees. This symmetry in the way we treat people is underpinned by openness, attentiveness and commitment, applied very specifically to both employees’ and managers’ behaviour.

For the past nine years, the results have been clear, as demonstrated by the survey on the social climate that we carry out every two years. In 2019, 84% of employees said they were proud to belong to Keolis Lyon, 83% said they adhere to the subsidiary's values and culture, and 77% were satisfied with the relationship with their managers. By focusing in the same way on deploying a highly operational management system that will enable each manager to adopt attitudes in line with the Group's values, KeoPeople will constitute a new lever of success for Keolis in the future.”


Given their in-house experience, our employees are ideally positioned to identify the selling points that will convince potential candidates to join Keolis. That’s why we decided to involve our teams in the development of our employer brand.

Altogether, more than 2,000 employees worldwide made a contribution, through surveys, interviews and workshops.

This participatory approach gave us invaluable insight into the Group’s employer image and enabled us to define the new employer brand and create the resources necessary for its deployment. For their recruitment campaigns, HR and communications teams worldwide have access to numerous support materials (posters, adverts, banners, leaflets, etc.), as well as employee video testimonials for sharing on social media and websites or broadcast during recruitment events.


Thanks to the MyTalent platform available via the Group intranet, all employees can take a proactive approach to their own careers. They can use the platform to indicate areas in which they have particular expertise or a personal interest. They can also use it to inform the company of their availability to carry out an international assignment or their desire to work on a particular project, such as a bid or the launch of a new contract. Each year, employees also have the opportunity to share their career development, training and mobility aspirations with their managers during their two annual “Talent Dev” career management interviews.


Keolis offers all employees numerous opportunities to develop their skills. In 2019, two out of three employees received some form of training. To facilitate access to training and enable all employees to learn whenever and wherever they like, the shift towards e-learning has picked up pace, with 14% of training content now available online versus 2% in 2017. With more than 110 active communities, our online collaborative platform, KeoSphere, also enables employees to share knowledge, experience and best practices across the Group, thanks to dedicated workspaces for each project or profession (CSR, safety, operations, maintenance, modes of transport, etc.).