Strengthen the cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning, disinfection, nebulization, virucidal treatment with ozone or ultraviolet ... Keolis does everything to protect the health of its passengers and employees. Until recruiting additional teams to ensure reinforced cleaning.

200 new staff in the disinfection challenge

“To step up cleaning and disinfection on Yarra Trams — the world’s largest tram network — we hired almost 200 people left jobless by the COVID-19 crisis,” says Julien Dehornoy, Managing Director of Yarra Trams. “This exceptional measure was made possible thanks to the Working for Victoria Fund, an initiative launched by the State of Victoria, which enabled 300 new jobs to be created to ensure enhanced cleaning and safety on the network as well as provide work for people in the region.”


Meticulous disinfection

To protect the health of passengers and staff, Keolis Dijon Mobilités has put in place a comprehensive daily disinfection plan across the Divia Mobilités network.

“As well as deep cleaning of rolling stock at depots, we’re also disinfecting buses and trams at night using a procedure called fogging,” says Thomas Fontaine, the subsidiary’s managing director. “Fogging creates a fine mist of virucidal disinfectant, which is a really effective way of deep cleaning seats, windows, inside walls and the areas you can’t reach manually. Rolling stock is also disinfected at night using ozone, along with the common areas in the Maintenance and Operations Centre, such as coffee rooms, cloakrooms, shared offices and the canteen.” The subsidiary has also mobilized to support healthcare workers by adjusting its passenger services accordingly and setting up a dedicated service to deliver meals.