Support to essential workers

By offering dedicated and supportive transport services, or simply by expressing their gratitude loud and clear, Keolis’ teams were on the front line to support essential workers during the health crisis.

Standing with healthcare workers

“As soon as France went into lockdown, we worked with the Greater Nancy metropolitan council to roll out MobiSanté, a free on-demand transport service for hospital staff who don’t have a bus or tram stop near their homes, or whose shifts mean they can’t commute by public transport,” says Xavier Lemarié, Managing Director of Keolis Grand Nancy. “On average, 145 people benefited from this initiative, with almost 200 people using it on some days. And from 30 March 2020, we also extended it to other key sectors.” In June, the subsidiary made a bus available for a free coronavirus screening campaign.


Clapping for frontline workers

“Every day during the coronavirus crisis, trams stopped for a few minutes at 8 pm to allow drivers and passengers to clap, cheer and make noise for healthcare staff and other frontline workers in the fight against COVID-19,” says Paul Robinson, Managing Director of Nottingham Trams. Other networks also showed their solidarity with essential workers. Bus and tram drivers in Besançon, for example, sounded their horns every day in a concert of support in front of the hospital to thank medical staff for their brave commitment.