Brest cable car: a starlit dinner to celebrate the one million passenger mark!

France’s first urban cable car has reached a symbolic milestone by transporting its one millionth passenger, sooner than initial forecasts. And to celebrate the special day, four lucky winners tucked into a starlit meal on 29 June aboard one of the cabins of the cable car.

The Brest cable car: a big success!

The cable car is proving to be immensely popular, with passenger numbers several months ahead of initial forecasts (700,000 trips in the first 12 months of operation) with:

  • A large proportion of one-way tickets linked to high tourist numbers (mainly the Grand Ouest area)
  • A greater proportion of group tickets (people travelling with family or in a group)
  • An increasing share of daily commuter trips (e.g. school, work)
  • An increase in tram patronage at the Château and Capucins stations connecting to the cable car.

The cable car has not encroached on the market share of the tram, on the contrary, it has encouraged people to adopt the ’public transport reflex’.

Four winners of a dinner under the stars… 70 metres up in the air!

On Saturday 16 June, Keolis Brest and the Brest Metropole organised a big event with music performances and scratch cards offering lots of prizes to be won. The prizes included two starlit meals aboard the cable car. In the end it was Alain, from Brest, and his brother Daniel, both retired from the Arsenal, as well as Marie-Laure and Martin de Plabennec who won the chance to get on board the cable car on 29 June and enjoy a meal whilst enjoying a 360° view above the Penfeld river.