Electrification of bus fleets: Enedis and Keolis collaborate for the benefit of public transport authorities

On 20 November 2019, at the Salon des Maires exhibition, Enedis and Keolis sign a partnership intended to share their respective expertise to support public transport authorities wishing to convert their bus fleets to electric buses. The partnership will make it possible to innovate and optimise electric bus charging systems and facilitate their integration into the public electricity distribution network, managed by Enedis.

An emerging regulatory context

France’s Energy Transition for Green Growth law (LTECV article 37) states that fleets of more than 20 buses will have to be replaced by buses with low emissions: 50% of buses renewed as of 1 January 2020 and 100% of buses renewed as of 1 January 2025.
At the same time, Low Emission Zone regulations (15 LEZs today in France) and atmosphere protection plans (PPAs) are encouraging public transport authorities to equip themselves with electric buses.

Electric mobility, a great opportunity for the energy transition

In the face of climate change, a growing number of cities share the vision of more environmentally friendly mobility.

To support public transport authorities in achieving this goal, Keolis, an actor for the energy transition, provides the passengers of the public transport networks it operates with its expertise in the field of "clean" vehicles and alternative energies to diesel, particularly electric.

Enedis facilitates the growth of electric mobility by co-constructing solutions with all transport operators for the large-scale development of electric mobility, thereby contributing to the energy transition.

This non-exclusive partnership conforms with the public service missions of Enedis, which in this respect has the authority to act for the benefit of any operator designated by the public transport authority.

The partnership will enable Keolis to propose solutions that incorporate the impacts on the public electricity distribution network, while enabling Enedis to be as upstream as possible in terms of the solutions proposed and to support the public transport authority’s decisions.

Keolis and Enedis share their knowledge of electric bus charging systems

Enedis and Keolis want to improve their understanding of the impact of implementing and operating electric bus charging systems on the public electricity distribution network. Thus, through this agreement, the two partners are sharing their knowledge of electric mobility and experience gained from existing projects. The aim is to develop a common vision on the key elements of converting bus fleets to electricity and to optimise charging system solutions, in aid of public transport authorities.

Keolis and Enedis support the public transport authorities in the conversion of their bus fleets to electricity

Together, Enedis and Keolis will be able to:

  • assist public transport authorities with their choices with regard to transforming bus fleets,
  • co-construct the charging solution (charging online, in the terminus or in the depot), participate in project management and implement solutions for connecting bus charging infrastructures.