Equal opportunities: Keolis commits and acts

No matter the profile and qualifications are, Keolis is giving a chance to everyone who wants to integrate the group, thanks to a recruitment process based on skills.
As part of its corporate social responsibility policy, Keolis is committed to diversity and inclusion by recruiting candidates with varied profiles. This commitment allows everyone to have a place within the Group, to have access to a permanent job and to be a player in their professional career.

7,000 candidates hired per year reflecting the diversity of our passengers

Diversity and inclusion are at the heart of Keolis’ human resources policy. We give the opportunity to each and everyone to join and to grow within our local branches and our group. Every year, the Group recruits and integrates more than 7,000 job candidates (most of them drivers and mechanics) who are just like the passengers on Keolis’ networks: young people with or without a diploma, employees undergoing retraining from other sectors of activity, senior citizens with or without public transport experience, people with disabilities, men and women experiencing long-term unemployment… Source of wealth for the company, this diversity of profiles is incarnated by our employer brand's ambassadors « Keolis, Designing Experiences ». Find their testimonies here.

Skills and abilities rather than a diploma

To give everyone the chance to gain access to a job, we select our future employees based on their skills, motivation, commitment and qualities that will make them a good bus driver or a rigorous mechanic: affinity with customer contact, helpfulness, autonomy and responsibility, teamwork, respect for schedules and procedures, etc.  This choice is based on a strong conviction: skills previously acquired in other sectors are transferable to our businesses and will turn job candidates into committed employees able to build their career within the Group. Not having the right qualification for our jobs, or having an atypical background, is therefore not an obstacle, as we provide training courses leading to a qualification to hundreds of job candidates each year.


« I was able to transfer skills that I previously used in my job as a customer advisor, especially the interpersonal aspect. » Rokhiyatou, Supervisor in Île-de-France

« If you have an assistance background like me, this job is ideal for you, because there’s a lot of customer contact. » Lola, Bus Driver in Île-de-France

Committed partners at our side

In order to diversify our recruiting grounds, we rely on numerous partnerships with national and local employment, training, and social actors. They guide their clients towards our Group by pre-selecting candidates whose behavioral qualities are in line with our jobs:

Innovating to diversify the profile of candidates

  • To reach new candidates, we take our inspiration from digital marketing. We use intelligent and automated processes to post relevant job offers on the Web that correspond to the socio-demographic and behavioral profiles of Internet users. This innovation, called "programmatic recruitment", makes it possible to target candidates who would not normally have thought of Keolis but who, by receiving our job ads, are prompted to apply when they see that their skills and interests match the profiles we are looking for.
  • We have seized the opportunity offered to companies by the French law: "Future of Vocational Training" to create their own apprentice training centers (CFA). A first center opened in March 2021 and a second is planned to open in Lyon in fall 2021. This initiative allows us to offer young people aged 21-29 years the opportunity to train as bus drivers under a six-month apprenticeship contract leading to a permanent contract.

To each his own path

For Keolis, equal opportunities do not end with recruitment. We give everyone the possibility to access a new world of possibilities to build the career that suits them. We provide our employees with numerous opportunities to train and develop their skills, to progress to posts of responsibility, to enrich their expertise or to change jobs. We are also committed to ensuring fair rules to everyone for career development and management.

« We've reviewed our selection processes to focus more on skills, behavioral qualities and motivation rather than on the level of training or experience. »

Tiphaine DAVID LE MAHIER, Group Differentiation and Commitment Manager