Keolis and Navya to conquer Canada with autonomous shuttle

Urbis, the public transport authority for the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche near Montréal, Canada, will soon be offering a new passenger experience to customers. Driverless electric shuttles are set to be integrated into day to day travel as part of a pilot project operated by Keolis Canada and Navya; the first of its kind on the north American continent.

Keolis’ autonomous shuttles set to hit the streets in Les Moulins, Canada

Following the unveiling of the autonomous electric shuttle at the UITP Global Transport Summit, Keolis Canada is taking a decisive step towards the roll-out of this new mode of public transport in Canada. In service in Lyon since 2016, autonomous shuttles will be incorporated into the Urbis network in Les Moulins municipality of Quebec situated to the north of Montréal. The region includes the cities of Terrebonne and Mascouche and has a population of approximately 160,000 people. 

This is the first time that a driverless vehicle will be used in daily transport operations servicing the first and last mile of passenger journeys in the heart of the north American continent. 

Committed to sustainable mobility

The pilot project, a continuation of Keolis and NAVYA’s global partnership, responds to Les Moulins Regional County Municipality’s (RCM) aim to prioritise environmentally friendly transport modes and reduce green-house gas emissions. In 2016, the municipality partnered with Keolis Canada in two trials of zero-emission electric buses under real operating conditions. The pilot project of NAVYA’s autonomous electric shuttle, will see Urbis operate an equally environmentally friendly vehicle. With capacity for up to 15 passengers, the shuttles produce no green-house gases, are extremely quiet to run, and offer impressive comfort levels for passengers. 

A global pioneer in autonomous electric shuttles

With the NAVLY service operating in Lyon, Keolis is the first public transport operator in the world to integrate autonomous, electric shuttle services in its multimodal offer. Environmentally friendly and flexible to run, the shuttles provide PTAs and smart cities with an innovative and high performing transport solution that responds to the challenges of tomorrow’s mobility. The shuttles are adapted to suit a broad range of environments including pedestrian zones in city centres and laneways. They are safe, require no additional infrastructure and reduce traffic congestion. Additionally, increases in the number of services provided, extended operating hours and the servicing of isolated or difficult to access zones offered by the shuttles improve passenger citizens’ satisfaction levels. Lastly, autonomous shuttles are an ideal transport solution for passengers travelling in locations such as airports, industrial sites, theme parks, resorts and hospitals.  

The enthusiasm being shown for this autonomous electric shuttle project in Canada has greatly surpassed our expectations. We've long believed that electric vehicles represent the future of public transport


Patrick Gilloux, President and Chief Operating Officer of Keolis Canada