Keolis and Navya present the first 100% autonomous robo-taxi at CES, Las Vegas

At CES 2018 in Las Vegas, Keolis and Navya presented Autonom Cab, the first electric robo-taxi. This driverless vehicle uses a range of navigation and communication technology, and will be operated by Keolis to offer a new urban mobility experience to the passengers of tomorrow.

For the second consecutive year, Keolis and manufacturer Navya made themselves known at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas (United States), the international trade show dedicated to new technology. For more than 50 years, the latest technological innovations aimed at improving the consumer experience have been debuted at CES. After featuring the Autonom Shuttle at CES last year, the two partners presented the new robo-taxi, Autonom Cab, for the first time internationally at this year’s show, from 8 to 12 January 2018. Autonom Cab is 100% electric and the first fully autonomous robo-taxi on the market. This revolutionary vehicle, which was demonstrated with two prototypes over the five days of the trade show, addresses shared mobility needs by providing a new, personalised form of passenger transport. 

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Autonom Cab: autonomy in complete safety 

Driverless and 100% electric, Autonom Cab can transport up to six passengers. It has no cockpit, steering wheel or pedals, and can reach up to 55km/h. Running in total safety on open roads thanks to a powerful cartography system developed by Navya, the robo-taxi comes equipped with the most sophisticated sensors on the market in order to handle all types of urban traffic scenarios: 10 Lidar sensors (laser distance detection), 6 cameras, 4 radars, 2 GNSS (Global Navigation Satellite System) antennas, 1 inertial unit. 

An unprecedented mobility experience

With its recognisable ‘curved’ designed, Autonom Cab comes with an illuminated panel of several colours that allows it to communicate with users as well as pedestrians. Thanks to a dedicated mobile app, users can reserve the vehicle, control the opening and closing of the door and start their journey all with a simple click. Inside the comfortable vehicle, surrounded by glass to offer a panoramic view of the city, passengers can continue working with the help of electrical connectors. They can also choose the music they listen to, take advantage of an interactive cultural visit of the city, get tourist information or even order movie or museum tickets. 

Keolis, the first Autonom Cab operator on the North American market

Keolis, which already operates autonomous shuttles developed by Navya in Las Vegas, Paris-La Defense and Lyon, will be the first to operate Autonom Cab in the United States and soon in Europe, with a new launch planned in Lyon. 
During CES 2018, Brian Sandoval, Governor of Nevada, along with Clément Michel, CEO Keolis North America, and Christophe Sapet, CEO Navya, presented Autonom Shuttle and Autonom Cab to twenty United States governors. Sandoval expressed his pride in the fact that the autonomous shuttle has been trialled in the city of Las Vegas for the past year, as well as his enthusiasm for this innovative technology.   

The autonomous vehicle, a complementary solution to mass transit modes for tomorrow’s smart cities 

By presenting Autonom Cab at CES 2018, Keolis reinforces its role as a pioneer in all forms of everyday shared transport by promoting its vision of more connected, autonomous, shared and electric mobility solutions. In the near future, autonomous vehicles will be able to smoothly integrate into existing multimodal transport networks and enhance mass transit modes (automated metro, tram...), which are critical to building sustainable and efficient mobility in the cities of tomorrow. 

Keolis develops flexible, efficient and integrated transport solutions in order to respond to the needs of local communities. We are proud to work with Navya, whose Autonom Shuttles and Autonom Cabs allow us to reinvent and optimise the transport systems that we operate around the world.


Clément Michel, CEO Keolis North America

Slideshow - Keolis at CES 2018 in Las Vegas