Keolis begins new metro operation in Hyderabad, India

Keolis began the operation of the first of three automated metro lines in Hyderabad (India) on 29 November, 2017. The new contract highlights the Group’s expertise in mass transit, and confirms its place as the world leader in automated metro and the success of its international development strategy.

Keolis takes control of the longest overhead metro in the world

On 29 November 2017, the inhabitants of Hyderabad were able to hop onboard the first portion of automated metro in the capital of the state of Telangana, in southeastern India. Keolis is operating the driverless, overhead metro, whose first section consists of 30km of track. Two other lines will be added in the years to come. Combined, the three lines will total 68km, making it the first overhead network in the world and the second largest metro network in India.

Making daily mobility easier for 10 million inhabitants

A Telangana State Government initiative, Hyderabad’s automated metro network aims to improve public transport, facilitate journeys for the 10 million inhabitants of Hyderabad and support the city’s long-term economic and social development. 
When fully operational, the metro is expected to carry 1.3 million passengers. It will connect business and residential areas to the city centre, thus helping to reduce road congestion. Thanks to its CBTC (Communication-Based Train Control) technology, the metro offers higher speeds and frequencies than traditional metros. 

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million expected passengers

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We are pleased to be able to provide this new transport service to the people of Hyderabad. I’m confident that the new metro will help to enhance the quality of life for the local community. We will work tirelessly every day to ensure that we give our passengers the best service possible.


Bernard Tabary, CEO Keolis International

A contract that solidifies Keolis’ global leadership in the automated metro market 

Keolis was awarded the Hyderabad metro’s operation and maintenance contract by the concessionaire L&T Metro Rail in 2012. The contract details include operating and maintaining 57 metro trainsets, stations, depots, track, signalling, telecommunications, ticketing systems and ticket sales at stations. 

The new iconic contract reinforces Keolis’ status as the world’s number one automated, driverless metro operator, a transport mode that the Group has historically pioneered since the 1983 Lille metro launch. After having developped its expertise in France (Lyon and Rennes) and the United Kingdom (Docklands Lyght Railway in London, the Group launched its expertise abroad. Following Hyderabad, Keolis will soon launch Shanghai, China’s first automated, driverless metro line with its partner, Shentong Metro 
, and within the next two years, the new automated metro of the Shanghai-Pudong International Airport.