Keolis launches “biometrics” time clock system at commuter rail maintenance facility

Keolis Commuter Services, the Boston commuter train operator, has developed an innovative time clock system for staff at all its maintenance facilities

Biometric time clock system

Keolis Commuter Services (KCS), which has operated the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority’s commuter rail system in Boston since 2014, has launched an innovative time clock system across its three train maintenance sites. The new system uses biometric technology, and replaces the previous badge system.

Technology at your fingertips

To clock in and out, KCS’ 550 mechanical employees simply have to swipe their finger and type in a personalised PIN code.  The system uses a biometric scan to read certain features of a specific finger, then an algorithm to validate the identity of the employee in conjunction with their individual PIN.

KCS, championing innovation

With this new system, KCS is demonstrating once again its capacity for developing and integrating best practices from other industries in order to improve its performance. At the start of 2016, the subsidiary provided its drivers and customer service representatives with an iPhone and a series of apps, enabling them to inform passengers of traffic conditions in real time. KCS launched another unique experiment in September, equipping its maintenance employees with virtual reality glasses that allow them to send videos to experts and discuss the required task with them in real-time, so as to more quickly and efficiently diagnose and repair rolling stock and equipment.

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