Keolis Brest trials a robot to revamp the customer experience 

For more than five weeks, Keolis Brest will be testing ‘Heasy’, a robot that welcomes and informs passengers of the Bibus transport network. Developped by the French start-up Hease Robotics, the innovation improves the customer welcome and advice in the service centre.

A welcoming robot working next to employees in the Bibus customer service centre

From 21 November 2017 and until the end of the year, employees at the Bibus network office, Brest Metropole’s public transport network operated by Keolis, have been working alongside a new colleague, an interactive robot. Known as ‘Heasy’ and measuring 1.55m, the robot welcomes customers and provides excellence service when giving them information about bus and tram timetables, travel itineraries and which transport tickets are best adapted to their needs. 
Thanks to this digital aide, employees can concentrate on more high-value added activities such as advising passengers and ticket sales. 

Algorithms and sensors providing a new passenger experience 

Developped and produced in France by the start-up Hease Robotics  (, Heasy is the first interactive kiosk robot designed for public spaces (shopping centres, boutiques, train stations, airports, tourism offices, museums, sports centres, etc.).  
The robot, equipped with a bright 19” screen and a tablet to quickly assist customers, also has cameras which allow it to analyse the surrounding environment and avoid obstalces in order to move around. Thanks to a facial recognition algorithm, it is able to detect visitors. Heasy also knows how to find the best position possible in order to interact with the public. 

Heasy launches applications specifically tailored to its location, like in Brest with the Bibus network’s passenger information solutions. Heasy gets its smarts from services based on ‘machine learning’ (or automatic learning) and captures the attention of the public thanks to its personality, playful design and reassuring appearance.  

Hease Robotics: welcoming robots made in France

Hease Robotics is a French robot manufacturer for professional service industries, and especially retail and customer relations. Based in the city of Lyon, the start-up was created in 2016 and now has 13 employees with the aim of taking over 30% of the market by 2019. The Heasy robot, which was presented at CES in Las Vegas in January 2017 and at the RNTP trade show from 10 to 12 October 2017, is its first functional prototype.

Innovating all stages of the passenger journey

Keolis Brest is the first Group subsidiary to trial this innovative, 100% made in France solution, developped and produced by the Lyon-based start-up Hease Robotics. This trial is part of the Group’s innovation strategy which aims to invent the mobility of tomorrow and continue motivating passengers to use shared and sustainable transport. This goal is achieved mainly by the development of new digital solutions which enhance the passenger mobility experience at every stage of their journey, wherever they go: home, the customer service centre or during their journeys.  

As a partner of our Bibus employees, Heasy delivers simple and practical information. This allows our employees to dedicate more time to aiding and assisting our customers. We are proud to launch this trial at Brest Metropole, a community strongly engaged in digital and certified French Tech+.


Cyril Mascé, Marketing Director, Keolis Brest

We are very pleased to have been chosen by Keolis to trial the future of customer relations in our service centre. Our customer service employees are extremely busy and do not always have the time to respond to certain requests. Heasy is able to deliver quality service on its own.


Max Vallet, CEO and co-founder, Hease Robotics