Keolis is commited to a new experience of shared mobility

Inspired by the changing public transport market, Keolis is transforming its identity in order to better emphasise its multimodal expertise and unique vision of shared mobility for the communities and passengers it serves.

Keolis develops new identity to face mobility challenges 

The public transport industry is currently undergoing a rapid and fundamental transformation. Several factors contribute to this change, including environmental issues, technological revolutions, growing passenger demands, the rise of smart cities, and the emergence of new actors. 
As a pioneer and major actor in the public passenger transport industry, Keolis uses an open and collaborative approach to help communities face and overcome these challenges. 
Now, Keolis has decided to develop a new brand identity to better embody our leadership in the industry and our vision of a connected, shared, and sustainable mobility model that meets the needs of our passengers.

Keolis, a multimodal expert serving communities and passengers

Initially a pioneering public transport operator, we are now seen as a reference business for the integration of daily modes of transport: public and private transport, both collective and individual, as well as parking. This means that we can use our expertise, know-how and innovative approach to contribute to the vitality and growth of communities of all sizes.

Helping our partners and communities 

We use an open and collaborative approach to help Passenger Transport Authorities, our industry partners and communities reach a better understanding of the challenges of modern mobility and to design with them innovative solutions for tomorrow. 

A group committed to a more shared, enjoyable and sustainable mobility experience 

Keolis’ priority is to make every journey more enjoyable for passengers. That is why we work hard to promote mobility adapted to the needs of all passengers, which encourages people to use sustainable transport and contributes to the well-being of all.  

A positive corporate culture based on 3 main values 

Our 58,300 employees share the same values and are united under our vision of “One Keolis”, ensuring customer and passenger satisfaction.


We constantly seek to innovate. As part of KeoLife, our continuous improvement approach, we consolidate our know-how and encourage the exchange of knowledge and best practice for the benefit of our clients. 


We never compromise on safety, service quality or operational performance. We ensure customer satisfaction and build trust with Passenger Transport Authorities. At Keolis, we make respect for every employee the cornerstone of Human Resources policy. 


We respect and act on our commitments to authorities, passengers, and our employees, and we act in a socially responsible manner at all times. 

A new identity aligned with the ambitions of the Group

Keolis’ new identity and logo represent a powerful brand with an international perspective. Its new signature, “More ways, More life”, was created to reflect Keolis’ commitment to mobility, dynamism and respecting the lives of its passengers.

A more visible, meaningful logo

  • A typography that embodies fluidity, strength and modernity
  • The colour lagoon blue, which represents expertise, partnership and innovation
  • The colour taupe grey, which symbolises our strong presence in local communities 

Keolis is reinforcing its role as a pioneer and expert in the transport industry by stimulating and supporting the revolution of daily transport. We are more than a simple operator - we are a true Public Transport Authorities partner working to design with them sustainable, integrated, smart mobility services that positively contribute to the vitality and growth of all communities!


Jean-Pierre Farandou, Executive Chairman, Keolis Group