Keolis distinguished at french national ranking of mobilities 2019

On the 10th of December, our achievements in Lyon, Bordeaux and Strasbourg were distinguished with four trophies at the 28th edition of the awards ceremony organised by the French magazine Ville, Rail & Transports.

The 2019 edition of the French National Ranking of Mobilities welcomed 350 key actors of the transport industry including operators, PTAs and manuacturers.Laurent Kocher, Group Executive Director for New Mobilities, and Bertrand Billoud, Director of Communications for Kisio Digital, spoke in conferencesabout  Open Payment in Dijon and MaaS respectively.  

Lyon awarded the Gold Pass

Thanks to a 5% increase in ridership and many projects in the pipeline, Keolis’ work with Lyon’s SYTRAL PTA was recognised, notably  in relation to the expansion of the public transport network and the fall of single car use.

Bordeaux awarded the Silver Pass and the Modernisation Trophy

Distinguished every year for the past four editions, Bordeaux was awarded two prizes this year. The network has seen a 10.5% ridership increase between 2017 and 2018 and has successfully rolled out a modernisation project for the power supply of its trams.

Strasbourg awarded the Bronze Pass

For the second year running, the trophy awarded to Strasbourg recognised the success of the performance contract signed between the PTA, the operator and Keolis in charge of the technical assistance.