Keolis launches Denmark’s first tram network in the city of Aarhus

01-09-2018 updated on 03-26-2018
On 21 December 2017, two years after being awarded the contract, Keolis launched a new light rail network in the city of Aarhus in Denmark. With this launch, Keolis reinforces its presence in Scandinavia as well as its status as the global leader in tram operations, with 19 tram networks across six countries.

Keolis Denmark takes control of the Aarhus tram network

On 21 December 2017, Keolis began operating the Aarhus light rail on behalf of the local transport authority, Aarhus Letbane. This new tram network is a first for Denmark.
The contract was awarded in June 2015 for a period of six years, and is estimated to be worth 50 million euros. It consolidates Keolis’ presence in Denmark, where the Group has been established since 2007 through its subsidiary Keolis Denmark, which has 1,500 employees and operates 500 buses over ten urban networks.

110km of track to support the development of Denmark’s second largest city

Located on the east coast of Jutland, Aarhus is one of the most dynamic cities in Denmark, and the second largest in the country with 250,000 residents. The arrival of the light rail comes in the context of strong demographic and economic growth, which has been illustrated by the doubling of public transport patronage over the last ten years. The 26 light rail vehicles (including 12 tram-trains) manufactured by Stadler are able to transport 40,000 passengers a day, therefore helping to reduce congestion on the city’s bus network.
The first phase of the network is 12km in length, and will be extended over two phases from now until the end of 2018, to create a total track length of 110km serving 51 stations. The tram-trains can reach speeds of up to 100km/h once outside the city.

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light rail vehicles

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km and 51 stations by the end of 2018

670 million passengers transported by Keolis trams in 2017

This new launch reinforces Keolis’ global leadership in the operation of tram networks.  With Aarhus, the Group now operates 19 networks and more than 800km of track in six countries.  France (12 networks), United Kingdom (2 networks including Manchester), Norway (1 network), Portugal (1 network) and Australia (2 networks including Melbourne, the longest tram network in the world with 250km of double track). In total, the tram networks operated by the Group carried 670 million passengers in 2017.
As a result of its extensive experience in this mode of public transport suitable for both medium and larger cities, Keolis won two new tram contracts in 2017 in Lusail (Qatar), and Newcastle (Australia) where operations will start in 2019.

Over the last three years, we have worked closely with the city of Aarhus to provide residents and the surrounding community with a reliable, comfortable, and environmentally-friendly mode of transport. This new tram line will enhance the attractiveness and liveability of the city. It will also encourage residents to use more public transport. We are fully committed to working with stakeholders of this project to make it a great success.

Bernard Tabary, Keolis International CEO