Keolis launches France’s first urban cable car network in Brest

A new offer by Bibus network
The Keolis Group, which already operates the Bibus public transport network (buses and tramways) for Brest Métropole, has been selected by the Public Transport Authority to manage its new cable car service, the first in France to be used as an urban mode of transport

A new environmentally-friendly, economical transport mode to serve the city of Brest 

With up to 1,400 passengers an hour, cabins arriving at 5 minute intervals, and a 3 minute-long connection between the two stations, the Brest cable car network is a bona fide urban transport mode. Designed to serve the new Capucins area situated on the right bank of the Penfeld, it provides Brest métropole with an economical way to meet the daily transport needs of the local  community, and to successfully negotiate the various challenges involved, such as crossing the Penfeld River and the need for a 48m high air draft for the Naval Base.

Secure automated operations

With no staff presence required on board the cabins, the cable car service is entirely automated.  Operations are overseen remotely from Keolis Brest’s Centralised Control Station. From there, an operator controls the service in real time with the help of an Operations Assistance System that allows all information and alarms to be shown on a single screen (wind speed, braking defects, opening and closing door warnings etc).  A video surveillance system enables all stations and cabins to be controlled throughout every journey. Passengers can establish direct contact with a Bibus network operator through an interphone system.  Whilst the operation of a cable car network is a first for Keolis, the Brest subsidiary has the benefit of the Group’s extensive expertise in managing automated metro modes (the metro, funiculars etc), in security and in maintenance

Fully integrated into the Bibus network to facilitate the Brest community’s mobility

  • Unique ticketing system across the network, in which either an individual ticket or a KorriGo pass must be validated before boarding buses and trams as well as cable cars.  
  • Operating frequency and distances between stops designed to facilitate bus/tram/cable car connections.  For example, in the evening, the final departures of trams from Château station are synchronized with the last cable car journeys.
  • Same passenger information provided across the whole Bibus network, with simultaneous announcements appearing on cabin screens and in bus and tram stations.

icone transports

stations 420m apart,
3 minute connection

icone transports

675 000
passengers expected per year

icone transports

7.30 am-7 pm
8.30 am-7 pm Sunday

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