Keolis to operate PAM94, Val-de-Marne’s transport service for passengers with reduced mobility

The Val-de-Marne region has chosen the Keolis Group to operate its transport service for passengers with reduced mobility. This win reinforces Keolis’ leadership in the Greater Paris region in services for passengers with reduced mobility, and demonstrates the Group’s commitment to providing accessible transport for all.

Recognised expertise in providing accessible, on-demand transport services 

Keolis is France’s leading provider of transport services for passengers with reduced mobility, operating 40 services across the country.  Thanks to Keolis’ expertise as the long-standing operator of PAM75, the Parisian transport service for passengers with reduced mobility, the Group has now been chosen to operate the equivalent service in the Val-de-Marne region.  With this new PAM94 contract, Keolis is strengthening its leadership and commitment to accessible transport for all, in keeping with the partnership signed in 2016 between Keolis et Wheeliz.

A more flexible, efficient transport solution

One of the main focal points of the contract, which starts on 6 March 2017, is improving passenger visibility regarding journey time and route.  Waiting time prior to the arrival of vehicles is of particular concern for passengers with reduced mobility.  As such, Keolis is offering a mobile app that allows passengers to track the route and arrival of the vehicle in real-time.  This tool also provides a customer space where passengers can consult their personal account and make bookings as well as cancellations.  Sessions in how to use this application will be organised by Keolis.  The Group also intends to partner with other associations to put alternative ‘accompanied’ mobility solutions in place in the shared transport network, in soft mobility modes as well as car-sharing.

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vehicles, average of 60,000 journeys per year

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year contract

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million in total revenue

Helping With Mobility

PAM94 is part of the PAM network, put in place by Paris’ transport authority (Stif) and the Greater Paris region.  Every local authority has a PAM service, an on-demand, door-to-door shared public transport solution, designed for people with reduced mobility.  Each region determines how this service operates, deciding service regulations, access conditions and travel fares.