Keolis is revolutionising public transport in Lille with a travel pass that can be topped up via a smartphone

Passengers on the Transpole network that Keolis operates in Lille, France, now have access to an app that allows them to instantly top up their travel pass using their smartphone. A first in Europe!

An enhanced mobile app to provide a new passenger experience 

Since 2016 Transpole, the public transport network that services 85 areas in the Lille region and operated by Keolis Lille, has provided its passengers with the Pass Pass Easy Card mobile app. This app allows passengers to check their account balance and receive alerts when their subscription is coming to an end.  
The new version of this app, launched in January 2017, has a new feature that is revolutionising public transport: from now on, a subscriber can top up their travel pass in just a few seconds with their Pass Pass card. 

A fast, simple and secure way to recharge

By placing their card on the back of their Android smartphone, fitted with NFC technology, app users can purchase any Transpole ticket (both season and single-use tickets) The payment is made using a credit card or a Paypal account.  Once the transaction is complete the card is immediately topped up with credit that can be used for travelling on the network.  Pass Pass Easy Card allows you to recharge both personalised and generic travel passes.  For example users can also see their purchase history and create alerts and reminders to top up their card, or even view the account balance of family and friends.

Other features of the Pass Pass Easy Card app 

  • Passenger info: journey planner, real-time bus, tram and metro arrival info, traffic info etc.
  • Real-time alerts that can be customised by each passenger
  • Real-time availability of V’lille bikes, the bike share scheme in the Lille region

Keolis Lille, streets ahead in digital innovation

The Pass Pass Easy Card app is part of Keolis’s Lille’s commitment to meeting passenger expectations, who are increasingly looking for mobile solutions to simplify every stage of their journey.  Since October 2015, the Keolis subsidiary partnered with Orange to allow Orange customers to purchase their tickets via their mobile phones at any ticketing machine or recharge point across the network.  What’s more, in June 2016, Keolis Lille partnered with Gemalto to launch a digital wristbandthat replaced tickets for travelling to and from matches during the Euro 2016 football championships.
These innovations form part of Keolis Lille’s wider collaborative approach based on partnering with start-ups in the region, as illustrated by the ‘Mobilidées’ call for ideas event organised in June 2016.

Pass Pass Easy Card demonstrates once again our commitment to developing new services and revolutionising customer tools, including the way they are used.


Gilles Fargier, CEO Keolis Lille