Keolis services praised by passengers in Nottingham and the Netherlands

Two recent customer satisfaction surveys in Nottingham and the Netherlands have highlighted the quality of services provided by Keolis.

Passengers give Nottingham tram services the thumbs up

Based on the latest customer survey published in March 2018, 98% of passengers would recommend the Nottingham tram network to friends and family.
The survey also found that 98% of customers were happy with the frequency of services and more than 90% said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the reliability of the network.  The ease and convenience of services remains the primary reason for people to travel by tram (42%), followed by speed and avoiding traffic.

Passengers of Keolis Nederland highlight the safety and comfort of our Dutch networks

Every autumn a national customer satisfaction survey is conducted for all regional transport modes in the Netherlands. In 2017, Keolis’ subsidiary in the Netherlands, Keolis Nederland, received a satisfaction rating of 7.6.
The result of this customer survey relates to the four contracts Keolis operates in the east and centre of the country, namely in Gelderland (bus), Overijssel (bus and rail) and Utrecht (bus). Keolis Nederland achieved a good overall result which matched the national average, and showed a visible upward trend. Based on this result, the estimated bonuses of the PTA were largely achieved in 2017.  Among the key learnings from this survey, the survey showed that customers particularly value the safety and comfort of Keolis Nederland’s networks.  The convenience of travelling with a single public transport pass is also beginning to pay off.

Every year we carry out our own survey of customers and non-users to find out what the public actually thinks of us. The feedback we receive helps us to shape future services and look at ways to further enhance the customer experience...Customer feedback provided by the survey has also has validated our decision to invest in the latest technology that makes buying a ticket quicker and easier than ever.


Stephanie Moss-Pearce, NET Marketing Manager