Keolis strengthens its partnership with Navya

To meet collective expectations for sustainable development, Keolis has partnered with Navya, a French start-up specialising in the development of innovative mobility solutions.

A shared ambition for future mobility 

Keolis and French start-up Navya, world leader in automated electric vehicles, share the same innovation culture, driven by their mutual aim: to provide environmentally-friendly mobility solutions.  As such, the two companies have formed a partnership to develop the use of automated electric shuttles to carry passengers on either the first or last kilometre of their journey in urban areas, in conjunction with other collective modes of transport (metro, tram, bus, etc).

A World Premiere in Lyon

The citizens of Lyon’s metropolitan area have been the world’s first to benefit from this partnership, with the September 2016 launch of the Navly shuttles, 100% electric, driverless vehicles.

Operated by Keolis as part of the TCL network, this free service, which serves five stations along a 1350m route, provides passengers with easy access to local companies, the shopping centre and food and leisure services in Confluence, Lyon’s eco-neighbourhood. The service runs on two 15-passenger capacity vehicles, whose operating frequency increases to every ten minutes in peak time.

Navya recognised at the BFM Awards

At the 12th BFM Awards ceremony on November 3rd 2016, Navya won the BFM Award for Innovation of the Year for its autonomous shuttle, Navly

Future commitments

Following the successful public world premiere of this new transport mode, Keolis wanted to extend and strengthen its partnership with Navya.  As well as purchasing new autonomous electric vehicles, Keolis Group has bought shares in the company alongside VALEO and the Qatari society GROUP8, with a total capital increase of 30 million euros. Keolis and Navya have signed a preferential, but non-exclusive, strategic agreement. In doing so, they commit to jointly investigating opportunities for autonomous electric vehicles in countries where Keolis operates, and to working together to find solutions. 

We are convinced that collective autonomous vehicles will be an important feature of future mobility, particularly on the last leg of journeys, as a means of extending existing networks’.


Laurent Kocher, Keolis Executive Director for Marketing, Innovation and Services.