Liberating mobility with autonomous shuttles

12-06-2018 updated on 09-11-2018
Representing a real technological breakthrough, autonomous vehicles add a new dimension to urban transport. With the emphasis on multimodal, accessible, ecological, flexible and economical journeys, they extend the traditional transport offer. Having pioneered the first few successful entries into service in cooperation with the company Navya, Keolis fully integrates autonomous mobility within existing urban transport networks.

Developing the shared transport offer

Autonomous vehicles are part of a comprehensive multimodal transport offer combining collective and individual mobility. In this manner, they improve the efficiency of the network and revitalise public spaces. Developing autonomous mobility makes it possible to reinforce existing public transport networks, especially in areas less frequently served by other transport modes, or for the first and last mile of the journey, such as in airports, universities, hospital complexes or large tourist sites.
In developing this multimodal offer, which includes autonomous vehicles, Keolis can count on its expertise in the operation and integration of traditional modes of transport, as well as on several successful entries into service of autonomous urban vehicles, carried out in partnership with Navya, leader and specialist in the design and development of these 100% autonomous, driverless and electric vehicles.

A new transport experience

Autonomous mobility meets the growing demand for smarter, accessible, integrated transport. In line with passenger expectations, it helps to create personalised transport solutions.

Local resident or occasional visitor, technology-savvy or frail passenger, young or old: the typical passenger does not exist. Profiles vary according to the individual, but also according to the particular moments and conditions of the journey. Keolis’ autonomous mobility offer reflects its commitment, Thinking like a Passenger, which takes passenger diversity into account in order to meet the requirements and expectations of every single one.

Autonomous mobility provides a new transport experience thanks to a simpler and more intuitive passenger journey every step of the way. It will soon be possible, notably thanks to digital tools, to offer custom-made journeys door-to-door for an offer that is perfectly adapted to each and every passenger.

Keolis builds on its experience in France and abroad to develop its expertise with the aim of operating these vehicles which will be mass-produced from 2020.

Schéhérazade Zekri, Director of New Mobilities, Keolis