A look back at the innovation and data club workshop

In September 2019, we related how Keolis' Innovation and Data Club Workshop brought together colleagues from more than 20 subsidiaries to discuss the challenges of tomorrow's mobility. Take a look back at the workshop with the video available on Keosphere.

Launched in February 2019 by the Innovation, Data and Digital Department, Keolis’ Innovation and Data Club aims to encourage cross-team collaboration on innovative projects and accelerate their implementation. On 17th and 18th September, the Innovation and Data Club workshop brought together around 50 colleagues from more than 20 subsidiaries.

Over two days, the participants took part in working groups focusing on six major issues Keolis will face in the near future. The presentation of the working group’s conclusions was attended by Jean-Pierre Farandou, who congratulated teams’ ability to challenge themselves and Keolis in order to find new approaches to the issues of tomorrow’s mobility.

Using a methodology fostering creativity and innovation, the participants worked on resolving six key issues: 

  • Our future relationships with PTAs
  • Improvement of Customer Experience in commercial agencies
  • Future developments in the maintenance profession
  • Discouraging single car use
  • Tackling fraud in the future
  • Tomorrow’s bidding process  

They were able to discuss these issues with external speakers and Rory Sutherland’s (Ogilvy) talk demonstrated how behavioural sciences can be applied to mobility. With the help of designers and illustrators, each group was able to present a prototype for each major topic. The solutions they came up with will now be slightly reworked and tested within the subsidiaries. In his speech, Jean-Pierre Farandou underlined how essential innovation and data are in differentiating ourselves from competitors.