NAVLY, first public transport service by autonomous electric shuttle

A worldwide premiere: Keolis and NAVYA jointly launch a service operating in Lyon, France
The Keolis Group and NAVYA, a specialist in the development of innovative mobility solutions, have joined forces in Lyon to launch the first public transport service using a 100% electric autonomous and driverless vehicle: NAVLY.


From 5 September and for an experimental period lasting a year, two driverless and fully-autonomous electric shuttles are to operate along a 1,350m itinerary on the banks of the River Saone in the Confluence eco-district, an emblematic area of the Greater Lyon region. This is the first time in the world that a system of this type has been introduced.

The NAVLY shuttles, capable of carrying up to 15 passengers, will call at five stops between the shopping centre and the southernmost point of the district. Free of charge to use, they will operate on working days from 7.30am to 7.00pm, running at 10 minute intervals during peak time. This autonomous shuttle service offers a response to the challenges and requirements of urban mobility of the future, in addition to conventional means of transport (bus, tram, metro) and provides an effective, innovative and smart alternative for “last-kilometre” travel.

Slideshow - NAVLY: first customers experience

A partnership to promote innovation

This project is the result of a partnership between the Lyon metropolitan authority Métropole de Lyon, the public transport authority SYTRALNAVYA, a firm specialising in the development of innovative mobility solutions, and the Keolis Group, operator of the Lyon public transport network TCL. Together, all of these stakeholders have made a commitment to making their city “smarter”, with the aim of improving people’s well-being and quality of life.
This initiative in an example of public-private partnerships whose goal is to encourage the creation of brand new services and enable the emergence of innovative firms working in sustainable development. The project is furthermore supported by the French Environment Agency ADEME.


Safety first

Having received an authorisation from the French Ministry for the Environment and Energy, the NAVLY service fulfils all the safety and passenger-carrying requirements to allow these autonomous shuttles to run on a public highway. A NAVLY operator will additionally be in attendance aboard the vehicles to welcome and inform passengers, regulate access and guarantee people’s safety. 

A French-made technology and service

Designed and manufactured by NAVYA, the shuttles are the result of 10 years of expertise and work by around 50 employees. They have neither steering wheel nor pedals, and work off a battery. The all-electric vehicles are fitted with high-performance guidance and detection systems (lidars, stereovision cameras, motion sensors, etc.). From its design by NAVYA to its development and assembly and its operation by Keolis, the NAVLY service is 100% French-made. 

icone transports

45 km/h
It is the maximum speed of the shuttles. During the test period, it will be limited to 20 km/h.

icone transports

1350 m
it is the length of the itinerary the shuttles follow along the Saône river.

icone transports

the cost of the service. NAVLY is free during its first year of operations.