After trams, Keolis deploys contactless payment on buses in Dijon, France

Dijon is the first French city to equip its buses and trams with contactless validation terminals. Following the success of open payment since its launch on Dijon’s tram network on 27 March, Keolis and Dijon Metropole are extending this innovative service to the city’s buses.

Since 30 October, passengers on bus lines 3 to 7 of the Dijon transport network have been able to pay for their journey directly on board with their contactless payment card or smartphone. This open payment service will be progressively deployed across the bus network until mid-December 2018.

Initially scheduled for 2019, the deployment of contactless payment on buses has been brought forward to respond to increasing passenger expectations and facilitate access to the Dijon public transport network, for residents and tourists alike.

Open payment: a great success with passengers

Dijon Metropole and Keolis continue to innovate. Since launching France’s first public service delegation contract for a truly multimodal mobility network in 2017 (combining all modes of public transport, as well as the parking and bike-share), Dijon Metropole is the now first French metropolis to propose an open payment solution for public transport.

Inaugurated on 27 March 2018 on Dijon’s trams, open payment allows passengers (tourists, occasional or regular passengers who have forgotten their ticket) to pay for and validate their journey directly using their contactless payment card or smartphone, regardless of their bank.

The service has had excellent results since its launch, far exceeding objectives.

  • Since its entry into service on the trams, 240,000 journeys have been made using contactless payment cards (versus initial forecasts of 30,000), by 46,000 different customers.
  • • Since the start of the school term in September, open payment is used by nearly 2,000 passengers per day, an increase of 50% compared to June.
  • • 22% of daily users are new customers.

A practical, economical service

Open payment allows users to avoid queues at ticket machines, in stations, or to avoid buying a ticket from the bus driver, which can be more expensive. All they have to do is board the vehicles and validate their journey by holding their contactless payment card or their smartphone up against the dedicated validation terminal.

Passengers can rest assured they are always paying the lowest price for their journey, without having to present a paper ticket during inspections. The open payment system applies the pricing for normal tickets. After three trips have been validated, the daily pass rate is applied, capping the amount paid for an unlimited number of trips the same day. During inspections, validation of the passenger’s payment card or smartphone on the controller's terminal is sufficient to prove their right to travel.

Users of the service who want to view their travel history or print a receipt can simply go to the website, create their account and enter their bank card details. This dedicated web page is secured based on international banking standards and Divia Mobilités does not store any data related to payment cards.

  • Key figures

    journeys have been made using contactless payment cards since open payment entered into service on trams
    increase of open payment usage since September (compared to June)
    of daily users are new customers