Keolis awarded contract to operate bus services for Greensboro Transit Authority, in North Carolina, US

Keolis has been awarded a €17.3 million-a-year contract to operate and manage the Greensboro Transit Authority’s (GTA) fixed-route bus and paratransit services starting in January 2019. The fixed route service comprises 16 routes and five Higher Education Area Transit (HEAT) routes, delivering approximately 4 million passenger trips annually. GTA’s paratransit services provide an additional 250,000 journeys per year.

The 3.5-year contract with two one-year options to operate Greensboro’s transit network includes safety management and training, bus maintenance and repair, fare collection and bilingual customer service support (English and Spanish), as just some of the responsibilities detailed in Keolis’ scope of work. 

The current bus fleet will be modernised by the GTA with more environmentally sustainable vehicles through the introduction of electric buses. Starting November 2018, electric Proterra buses will replace vehicles in the 43-bus fleet. By March 2019, 14 electric buses will be in operation with aspirations to eventually have a fully electric fleet. Keolis will draw on its experience in Southern California where it manages the Foothill Transit-Pomona bus network. Its fleet of 139 buses there is set to be completely replaced by fully electric ones by 2030. 

Keolis operates public transport networks for 300 transport authorities in 16 countries on four continents around the world, including over a dozen different transport modes. In the United States, Keolis currently operates transit services in five states, these are: Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Nevada, and California. These services span local and express fixed-route buses, paratransit, call center operations, media and fare sales, taxis, shuttles, commuter rail, and the nation’s first autonomous shuttle to operate on open streets in Las Vegas.

Operating the largest public transit system in the Triad, we are continually looking to enhance our services to meet the growing public transportation needs in Greensboro.

Keolis has a proven track record for the successful delivery of operations and maintenance services and is eager to demonstrate what they can bring to our area. The GTA Board and City staff look forward to new thinking…and new processes that will take us to a higher level in service for our riders and the overall community.


Bruce Adams, Public Transportation Manager

In close partnership with the GTA, Keolis welcomes the opportunity to meet the needs of the growing Greensboro community and support the Mobility Greensboro 2040 Plan. With the successful introduction of an electric fleet and by implementing technological innovations such as Mobileye for collision avoidance, Keolis’ proprietary Dispatch Control System (DCS) for optimal driver scheduling and vehicle readiness, and DriveCam to improve driver behavior. Keolis is eager to help GTA modernise the operation while supporting their efforts to restore and grow ridership.