Keolis awarded its largest ever electric bus fleet contract in the Netherlands

On 24 September 2019, the Provinces of Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland in the Netherlands entrusted Keolis with the operation and maintenance of 300 electric buses. This will be Keolis’ largest e-bus fleet operated under a single contract. The new electric buses will serve 53 stations in the east and central areas of the Netherlands and will carry 17 million passengers per year in a clean, quiet and reliable mode of transport. This new contract is another milestone for the Group in developing and deploying electromobility solutions around the world, and it reaffirms its commitment to supporting public transport authorities (PTAs) in the transition to greener energies.

On 24 September 2019, Keolis’ Dutch subsidiary was awarded a €900 million contract  to be the public transport operator on behalf of the Provinces of Overijssel, Flevoland and Gelderland over a ten-year period. The Group will support the three transport authorities in the transition to greener mobility and will replace the existing diesel buses with 300 fully electric ones. With this new contract, Keolis is introducing its largest ever single fleet of electric vehicles operating across a single network in the world.

The deployment and operation of the e-buses will start in December 2020 in the Provinces of Overijssel and Gelderland (east of the Netherlands) and from 2021 to 2023 in the province of Flevoland (centre of the country). The three provinces have over 3.5 million inhabitants living in urban and rural areas, including several medium-sized cities (with 50,000 inhabitants or more), such as Zwolle, Deventer, Lelystad, Apeldoorn and Ede. The 300 e-vehicles will run on the network that includes around 140 lines and serves 53 stations. 

The provinces of Gelderland and Overijssel, our partners for the past ten years, and the province of Flevoland with which we are starting a new partnership can rest assured that we will bring our expertise in helping transport authorities transition to greener mobility, as we are doing in France, Norway, Sweden, the US and Canada. The e-buses will significantly improve the public transport system's environmental performance, which was a key aspect of the bid, as well as enhance the passenger experience on board clean, quiet and reliable vehicles.


Bernard Tabary, CEO International for Keolis

Over 700 employees will operate the network, which will carry 17 million passengers per year. Almost 200 of these will be new employees. 

Keolis has been present in the Netherlands since 1999 providing regional train services as well as bus rapid transit (BRT), bus, on-demand transport and shared bicycle services. The Group has 2,200 employees in the Netherlands and it is represented across the country, from east to west. 

2019: a key year in the rise of electric mobility 

Keolis works hand in hand with passengers and PTAs around the world to integrate more sustainable mobility within networks. Recent wins have confirmed the Group’s commitment as an actor in the energy transition.

Keolis oversees numerous electric mobility projects across Europe. In addition to its electric fleets in Sweden and the Netherlands, in June 2019 the Group won the carbon-free bus network in Bergen, Norway.

In North America, Keolis operates electric buses in Greensboro (North Carolina), Foothill (South California) and Reno (Nevada) in the United States. In Canada, in December 2018 it became the largest operator of 100% electric C-type school buses in North America.

In France, Keolis recently launched the 100% electric BRT lines of Bayonne-Biarritz (September 2019) and Amiens (May 2019). It is currently working on the launch of the 100% hydrogen BRT line in Pau, scheduled for the end of the year. In 2019, Keolis will thus remain the largest operator of 100% electric networks in France.

[1] The contract is subject to a statutory six-week standstill period