Keolis creates Keolis Santé and becomes the French leader in medical transport

07-05-2017. The Keolis Group has signed a shareholder agreement with leading medical transport networks Intégral and Douillard, to form Keolis Santé, creating the number one medical transport operator in France. With Keolis Santé, the company aims to transform the medical transport sector. Keolis’ entry into the medical transport market is an obvious step, as it is already a leader in transport for passengers with reduced mobility. Keolis Santé is perfectly aligned with Keolis’ goal to provide high quality transport services to all members of the public, everyday, at the lowest possible cost, and to improve the standard of living through shared mobility solutions. Keolis Santé represents €70 million in annual revenue, with 1,650 employees and 1,000 vehicles.

Transporting passengers and now patients

A French leader in urban transport and a pioneer of new mobility solutions, Keolis operates more than ten different transport modes globally. The Group is known for its ability to listen to passengers and develop made-to-measure transport solutions that meet their needs and expectations. 

Through its partnership with Intégral and Douillard, the two leading networks for medical transport in France, Keolis has immediately established itself in this market.

Medical transport is an essential part of patient health. The provision of accessible, high quality services that are on-time, readily available and safe, are central to an efficient transport offer. In the medical transport industry, a patient-oriented, personalised approach is key.

Ensuring accessible mobility and bringing a more human approach to transport are a daily priority for Keolis. As the operator of more than 40 transport services dedicated to passengers with reduced mobility in France, Sweden and the US, Keolis transports more than 1.2 million vulnerable passengers each year. 

The Intégral network consists of 21 local businesses operating in the Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Occitanie regions of France. Douillard consists of 10 operators located in the Pays de la Loire region. Both networks share the same desire to deliver the best service possible. 

This new industry shareholder partnership is a winning business model, in uniting the expertise of two market leaders in medical transport with a pioneer of everyday mobility. Also, by maintaining a decentralised organisational structure, Keolis Santé will continue to build close relationships with public and private clients, as well as with patients. 

The medical transport market has traditionally been a fragmented market, and the large number of service providers has resulted in an inconsistent customer offering. Keolis Santé seeks to consolidate this market and accelerate its level of professionalism.
The three partners also want to create a better patient experience by improving training for ambulance drivers, introducing new communication tools for patients and diversifying the range of medical transport services offered.


An industry shareholder partnership

The agreement formed between Intégral, Douillard and Keolis is the ideal means to achieve their strategic goals.

  • The new company, Keolis Santé, is 51% owned by Keolis and 49% by the founders of the Douillard and Intégral networks. This company represents €70 million in annual revenue, with 1,650 employees and 1,000 vehicles.
  • The management and development of Keolis Santé will be the responsibility of the executive teams at Intégral and Douillard, with the organsation benefitting from their extensive knowledge and experience in medical transport. Jocelyn Douillard will be the Executive President and Renaud Chaumet-Lagrange, Managing Director in charge of business development,
  • The volume of business and operational know-how of the Intégral and Douillard networks will allow for the consolidation of best practice.
  • The expertise of Keolis in areas such as marketing, HR management and IT will allow the business to benefit from advanced workplace practices and development solutions.
  • With the support of Keolis, the new business will have an ambitious growth plan.

We are extremely happy and proud to announce this partnership with the two French industry leaders in medical transport, Intégral and Douillard, who share the same vision for addressing our business challenges. ‘We Care’ is a fundamental value of Keolis and is the governing principle behind this strategic development for the Group. By creating the number one medical transport network in France, our aim is to offer better transport services to patients, to become an important part in their healthcare experience, and do so at the lowest possible cost to our social security system.

Jean-Pierre Farandou, Executive Chairman, Keolis Group

When we began discussing our vision and values it became very clear. It was important for us to join forces to provide patients with medical transport services featuring consistently high levels of availability, punctuality and professionalism. Through this new partnership, we can speed up our plans to provide increased coverage for the region and respond to the digital challenges of our profession.

Jocelyn Douillard, Director of the Douillard Group and President of Keolis Santé

This partnership opens up a new avenue for our business, and consolidates our activities for the benefit of patients. Another important issue is recognising the work of ambulance drivers, who are an important link in the healthcare supply chain. Keolis Santé, in becoming a leader in health transport, can contribute to this.

Renaud Chaumet-Lagrange, Director of Intégral and Managing Director of Keolis Santé

About Intégral 

A leader in medical transport in France, Intégral is a network of 21 smaller businesses. Founded in 2003, the organisation is headquartered in Canjan, in the Aquitaine region near Bordeaux, and owned by Renaud Chaumet-Lagrange.
The organisation has gradually grown with operations expanding into the Limousin and Midi-Pyrénées regions following the acquisition of local operators. 

Key stats: 

  • €40 million in annual revenue 
  • 900 ambulance drivers
  • 500 vehicles
  • 21 businesses 

About Douillard

A family business founded in 1984, Douillard is owned by Jocelyn Douillard and is a network of 10 businesses based in the Pays de la Loire region of France. Headquarted in Clisson near Nantes, the organisation has established itself as a leading example in medical transport in the Loire-Atlantique and Maine et Loire departments of France. 
Ambulance transport represents a major part of their total activities. Nonetheless, the business offers a range of other complementary services including light medical transport, taxis, professionally assisted transport and transport for people with reduced mobility. The team at Douillard guarantee the transport of 1,100 children living with disabilities every day.

Key stats:

  • €28 million in annual revenue 
  • 750 health professionals 
  • 500 vehicles
  • 10 ambulance companies