Keolis has defined the 10 fundamentals of tomorrow’s (digital) mobility experience

Keolis, a major player in digital mobility, has announced at the 2017Netexplo Forum the results of its first international digital mobilityobservatory. The observatory targeted 13 smart cities across five continents, to betterunderstand the impact of the digital revolution on the use of publictransport. Three common expectations and 10 fundamentals for the passengerexperience of tomorrow have emerged from the studies. This research illustrates Keolis’ proximity with cities, its commitment toenhance the passenger experience, and to create the smart transportnetworks of tomorrow.

Keolis, as part of the 2017 Netexplo Forum, the annual international conference on digital innovation at UNESCO House in Paris, has unveiled the results of studies in 13 smart cities to better understand the impact of digitalisation on mobility trends and create smarter transport networks for tomorrow. As part of its first international digital mobility observatory, Keolis carried out research in Hong-Kong, Abidjan, Boston, Dubai, Hyderabad, London, Lyon, Melbourne, Montreal, São Paulo, Shanghai, Stockholm and Tokyo.

Four hundred digital innovations were analysed across these 13 cities, and have helped Keolis to create a global view of passenger expectations for digital mobility.

Three common passenger expectations have emerged from this research: the need for real-time information, personalisation of mobility solutions, and step-by-step guidance for passengers throughout their journey. Based on these findings, Keolis has defined the 10 fundamentals necessary for providing a successful daily mobility experience in smart cities, grouped into three pillars of the passenger experience :

Etched in Keolis’ DNA is a desire to understand the specific mobility requirements of each city, especially in the context of digital transformation. In keeping with its Keoscopie approach1, Keolis created the first digital mobility observatory in France in 2015 in partnership with Netexplo, to better understand the impact of digitalisation on French mobility needs and practices. This is the first time Keolis has deployed its observatory at an international level.

Mobility underpins the life of a community. Digitalisation is transforming the use of public transport and bringing new solutions with the arrival of new players. Now more than ever, Keolis’ role as a pioneer in the integration of all shared mobility solutions, is to support transport authorities in their transition to becoming smart cities, by providing them with a strong understanding of passenger expectations. Together, we are building the future of smart mobility.


Jean-Pierre Farandou, Chairman of the Keolis Group