Keolis inaugurates the final section of its first tram network in China

On 30th December 2019, Keolis’ Chinese joint venture Shanghai Keolis opened the last 3.88 km section of the Songjiang tram network.
The 31 km long network featuring 46 stations offers Songjiang residents and visitors a reliable, sustainable and comfortable shared mobility solution to move around the city. The network is expected to carry 170,000 passengers per day and to reduce urban journeys by car.
Present in the country since 2014, Keolis continues to grow its footprint in China and reinforce its position as a world leader in tram operations

The first tram network operated by Keolis in China

After being awarded a five-year contract to operate and maintain the Songjiang tram network in August 2018, and the opening of a first section (13.9 km) at the end of 2018 followed by a second section (12.86 km) in August 2019, Shanghai Keolis, the joint venture between Shanghai Shentong Metro Group and Keolis, has now completed the tram network with the addition of around 3.88 kilometres. The 31 kilometre long network now includes 46 stations serving residential areas, universities and the Shanghai metro network.

Songjiang is a suburban district of Shanghai with a population of 1.8 million. The tram network project was initiated by Songjiang Transportation Investment Operation Group to offer a more sustainable and reliable shared mobility solution to Songjiang residents and visitors and thus substantially reduce the use of private cars.

Shanghai Shentong Metro Group (51%) and Keolis (49%)

The tram network is expected to carry 170,000 passengers per day. The service is being operated with 30 Citadis trams, made by Alstom, which run about every 10 minutes, from 6 am to about 10 pm.

141 employees, including drivers, customer service and maintenance employees, are working on a daily basis to enhance the passenger experience. The Songjiang tram is the first tram to be operated by Shanghai Keolis in China.


Keolis continues to support urban mobility needs in China and reinforce its presence in the country

Shanghai Keolis was created in June 2014 and counts today some 400 employees. In addition to the Songjiang tram network, the joint venture also operates:

  • the first automated metro line in Shanghai, since March 2018,
  • the automated Shanghai Pudong International Airport, since September 2019.

A world leader in tram operations

Keolis is responsible for 23 tram networks around the world: 

  • 12 networks in France (Besançon, Bordeaux, Caen, Dijon, Le Mans, Lille, Lyon, Nancy, Orléans, Paris region, Strasbourg, and Tours).
  • 9 networks worldwide: Aarhus (Denmark), Bergen (Norway), Gold Coast, Melbourne (the world’s largest tram network), Newcastle (Australia), Nottingham, Manchester (UK), Songjiang (China) and Waterloo Region (Canada).
  • 2 networks under construction: Lusail (Qatar) and Odense (Denmark).