Keolis renews its contract in Amiens, France

11-13-2017. Amiens Métropole has renewed its trust in the Keolis Group for the operation of the Ametis public transport network and Buscyclette bike-rental service in Amiens, northern France. The new public service delegation contract will start on 1 January 2018 for a period of six years and four months. It is expected to generate total cumulated revenue of 221.4 million euros. The key objective is to increase patronage of the network by 28% by the end of this contract. Keolis has been the operator of the Ametis network since 2012, and is committed to integrating new services to promote its sustainable and multimodal mobility offer. From 2019 onwards, the network will consist of four high-frequency bus lines, three of which will be 100% electric, as well as regular bus lines, park and ride facilities and a bike rental service.

On 9 November 2017, Amiens Métropole, the local transport authority, announced it had chosen Keolis to operate its mobility services for the 175,000 inhabitants spread over 33 communes in the Amiens region, in northern France. The official signing of the contract will take place on 30 November 2017.

As part of this new public service delegation contract, Keolis will operate a fleet of 136 vehicles and the bike rental service Buscyclette, out of a new HQE-certified maintenance and operations centre (HQE is the French certification awarded to building construction and management, and promotes best practices and sustainable quality in building projects).

Amiens Métropole, certified in 2015 as a ‘positive energy region for green growth’, has major ambitions for its transition to green energy. As a result, from 2019 onwards Keolis will operate 43 new 100% electric buses (of the 136 buses in the fleet). These vehicles will be used on three out of four of the network’s high-frequency bus lines. They will be complemented by regular bus lines and other transport services, including car sharing, park and ride facilities and secure bike parking stations.

In order to promote mobility solutions that are sustainable and better adapted to local lifestyles, from 1 January 2018 Keolis will take back the management of the Buscyclette bike rental service (previously managed by another operator). With a fleet of 1,765 bikes, the service covers both short and long term bike rental, secure parking facilities, the coordination and promotion of soft modes via school student campaigns and the introduction of ‘mobility packs’ for businesses.

The four high-frequency bus lines, the spinal cord of the network, will account for 75% of overall passenger traffic and will therefore be the main driver of patronage growth. Indeed Keolis has the objective of increasing network patronage by 28% by the end of the contract in 2024.

In order to enhance the passenger experience and improve services, a new ticketing system will be introduced in 2019. Thanks to the digitisation of the sales platform, passengers will be able to buy their transport ticket online, receive an electronic ticket and opt for ‘open payment’ via bankcard or payment by direct debit, based on actual consumption. More than 50 automated ticketing machines will also be located across the network.

We are thrilled to continue working with Amiens Métropole to help increase the attractiveness of the region by reorganising the existing transport network. Keolis supports Amiens Métropole’s decision to promote renewable energy, and the transition to electric mobility solutions.

Frédéric Baverez, CEO for Keolis France

Key stats for the Ametis network 

  • 5.7km million travelled each year
  • 16 million passenger journeys per year
  • 4 high-frequency bus lines
  • 136 vehicles 
  • 1,765 bicycles
  • 470 employees from 2019 onwards