Keolis Santé and JUSSIEU secours France partner to create the leading ambulance services network in France

Five months after it was created, Keolis Santé, has reached a new stage in its development by partnering with JUSSIEU secours France, the market leader in emergency and intensive care transport. Keolis Santé is a subsidiary of Keolis, and the largest medical transport operator in France. Thanks to this new partnership, Keolis Santé has strengthened its expertise in emergency services and JUSSIEU secours France has benefitted from Keolis’ know-how in the design and planning of mobility services, in order to enhance the patient experience and optimise access to health services. With an unrivalled reputation in the healthcare industry, JUSSIEU secours has been chosen as the name of the new network, which is already the leading national ambulance service in the public health industry. With its workforce of 4,000 healthcare professionals, the new JUSSIEU secours network will contribute to cost-efficiencies in health costs and help to improve poorly served areas, without compromising patient care.

On 5 July 2017, Keolis joined forces with two leaders in the French medical transport industry, Intégral and Douillard, to create Keolis Santé (51% Keolis, 49% Douillard and Intégral), thereby becoming the market leader in France (70 million euros in annual revenue, 1,650 employees and 1,000 vehicles including ambulances, accredited taxis and light healthcare vehicles). As a result Keolis, Intégral and Douillard confirmed their shared objective to make medical transport more personal and provide quality services to patients (better punctuality, availability and safety) and facilitate access to patient care.

Historically, the medical transport industry in France has been highly fragemented, and the large number of operators has meant a very inconsistent level of service and poor overall efficiency. The creation of Keolis Santé is a real opportunity to consolidate the industry and accelerate its professionalism.     

By partnering with JUSSIEU secours France, Keolis Santé has confirmed this strategic ambition. 

Created more than 30 years ago, JUSSIEU secours France, the leading national ambulance services network, has become an industry reference. Consisting of 80 independent medical 

transport organisations with the same rigourous operational standards and an ISO 9001 certification for major medical institutions, JUSSIEU secours France has more than 2,000 ambulances, 1,200 vehicles and around 100 medical centres.   

The two enterprises will be known as JUSSIEU secours, with complementary expertise in medical transport and emergency patient care. They have now become the leading ambulance sevices network in France, by capitalising on the know-how of a mobility services leader and the strong reputation of a healthcare professional network. 

The new JUSSIEU secours network intends to become the national reference in ambulance services, recognised for its operational excellence by patients and healthcare professionals for the adapted care it provides integrating digital services and other innovations. 

JUSSIEU secours France

JUSSIEU secours France is a network of around 100 ambulance centres with the same rigourous operational standards and an ISO 9001 certification with the same requirements as for hospitals. The key objective for JUSSIEU secours France: a patient using a JUSSIEU secours ambulance must receive the same level of service quality as a hospital-run service. For the past three decades, JUSSIEU secours France has expanded its activities in the care of patients in an who are emergency, require specific care or need special monitoring.  As part of a public service delegation contract, JUSSIEU secours France is also specialised in the provision of French public emergency services. JUSSIEU secours France has developed internal training resources for the design of specialised material.

Keolis Santé

The leading medical transport opereator in France, Keolis Santé was created in July 2017 from a stakeholder agreement between Intégral, Douillard and Keolis. Keolis Santé is a network of 43 medical organisations in western France and the Greater Paris region. This network operates medical transport services (ambulances, light medical vehicles and taxis) and offers a range of complementary services such as on-demand transport, school transport and transport for disabled passengers.
Keolis Santé has used its ISO 9001:2015 certification to put in place a patient service structure combining operational excellence, employee engagement and patient care.
Keolis Santé aims to become the national leader in patient mobility by combining its expertise in medical transport with that of the Keolis Group, a pioneer in the development of public transport.