Keolis starts operation of autonomous, electric shuttles in La Defense, Paris, Europe’s largest business district

On 3 July 2017, Ile-de-France Mobilités , in partnership with Keolis and Navya, launched a six-month trial of three fully electric, autonomous shuttles in La Defense, Paris, the largest business district in Europe. The trial reinforces Keolis’ commitment to the driverless vehicle market, and the development of shared, integrated and sustainable mobility solutions

On 3 July, 2017, Keolis started shuttle services of three electric autonomous vehicles (developed by Navya) in La Defense Paris, which will run until the end of the year. The service will provide a new ‘first and last mile’ mobility solution for the 500,000 people travelling to and from La Defense business district every day. The free shuttles will service key sites along a pedestrian-only esplanade, and are accessible to passengers with reduced mobility. The aim of the trial is to test these vehicles under realistic operating conditions. While Keolis and Navya have already been trialling the shuttles in Lyon (France) since September 2016, this is the first time that these vehicles will operate on a public road without personnel on-board.

Each shuttle can accommodate up to 15 passengers (11 seated and 4 standing). Keolis has already identified a range of sites where these vehicles would be ideal for use including airports, hospitals, university campuses, tourist attractions, industrial sites and shopping centres. While the shuttle can travel at up to 20km/hr, in a pedestrian and densely populated area like La Defense, the shuttle will run at an average speed of 7km/hr. The three shuttles will run seven days a week, including public holidays. During peak hours, shuttles will depart every 10 minutes and every 20 minutes in the off-peak periods.   

We are proud to be working with Ile-de-France Mobilités in introducing this innovative transport service to the largest business district in Europe. Shared, electric and autonomous transport solutions are an essential component of tomorrow’s mobility


Jean-Pierre Farandou, Executive Chairman, Keolis Group

A number of other autonomous vehicle trials are already planned in the coming months in the Greater Paris region, including in the Bois de Vincennes, east of Paris. If these trials are successful, this shuttle service could become a permanent mobility solution in the region, with additional services and the creation of new lines. Internationally, Navya’s autonomous, electric shuttles have already been trialled in Las Vegas, USA in January 2017, and will soon be tested in Terrebonne, Canada; in Victoria, Australia and in Aalborg, Denmark. Keolis is currently working on 10 different autonomous vehicle projects across the world.

Keolis has partnered with Navya since 2016. In October 2016 it became a minority shareholder of Navya.