Keolis strengthens its mid-sized city footprint with the renewal of the public transport contract in Auch

On 29 September 2021, the conurbation authority of Grand Auch Coeur de Gascogne, in the French department of Gers, renewed its contract with Keolis to operate and maintain the whole of its public transport network, Alliance. This new public service delegation contract begins on 3 January 2022 and is valid for a period of eight years.

As part of this contract, Keolis’ mission will be to:

  • increase network usage by 17% and sales revenues by 15%
  • deploy an on-demand transport service to provide direct access to the conurbation's main centres of interest, including the three commercial and business zones, the SNCF train station, the city centre, the hospital and the aviation business zone
  • convert a free downtown shuttle into a vehicle with low carbon emissions by the end of the new contract, using a system that runs on hydrogen

The Alliance network, which consists of a fleet of 19 vehicles (buses and shuttles), currently serves four municipalities (Auch, Pavie, Preignan and Duran), making up an area of over 28,000 inhabitants.
The renewal of this contract allows Keolis, which has operated the conurbation's transport network since 1990, to maintain its presence in the Gers, where the Keolis Group also provides intercity transport services through its subsidiary Keolis Pyrénées, including on three main lines of the LIO1 intercity regional transport network.