Keolis will continue operating Caen’s urban transport network, in Normandy, France

09-29-2017. On 28 September 2017, the urban community Caen la Mer, in Normandy, France, once again placing its trust in the Keolis Group for the operation and maintenance of its urban transport network, Twisto. The new 6-year contract starts on 1 January 2018. It will generate a cumulative turnover of 345 million euros. Keolis will accompany Caen la Mer in the removal of its rubber-tyred tramway system followed by the launch of a new steel-wheeled tram. This replacement operation is the first of its kind in France.

The urban community Caen la Mer (265,000 inhabitants) has once again placing its trust in the Keolis Group for the operation of the Twisto network, which serves the 50 municipalities in its territory. As a long-standing partner of the Caen organising authority, Keolis has been managing the network under concession since 2002.

As part of the new 6-year public service concession agreement, Keolis will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of the bus network, the transport service for people with reduced mobility, management of the fleet of 650 bicycles (which includes 150 self-service bicycles and 500 bicycles for long-term rental) as well as the operation of the three lines of the new tramway network, due to be launched in 2019. As of January 2018, the Group will also operate the new city centre shuttle service, an electric minibus with the capacity to transport up to 22 people.

The biggest challenge of this contract will be the removal of the rubber-tyred TVR tram from 31 December 2017, with the creation of a replacement bus network until the new steel-wheeled tramway system is launched. This is the first time in France that a heavy transport mode will be completely replaced by another.

The new network will consist of 23 trams, each one able to accommodate 210 passengers. The challenge for the local Keolis teams will be to ensure continuity of service during the transition period until the launch of the new network. To ensure the same quality of service during the 18 months of construction work, Keolis will reinforce the existing lines and put 42 replacement buses into operation.

Under this new public service concession agreement, Keolis aims to ensure better city coverage of the community in Caen la Mer, notably via the commissioning of a large circular urban district line, to be launched at the same time as the new tramway network.

Simultaneously, the entire network will be modernised to deal efficiently with the 19.5% increase in ridership expected by 2023.

New services to optimise the customer journey will also be introduced: an e-shop, a new ticketing system with contactless tickets, a new website during construction works and a route calculator. A pioneer in all forms of daily mobility, Keolis is providing its expertise to Caen la Mer to ensure the highest quality service for its inhabitants.

We are proud of the trust placed in us by Caen la Mer to implement its ambitious public transport policy as part of a global, modern vision of mobility. Thanks to our renowned expertise in trams, we will support the urban community in the successful launch of its new tramway, thus helping to strengthen both the quality of life of its inhabitants and the appeal of this area.

Frédéric Baverez, CEO Keolis France