Keolis wins contract for bus services linking Aarhus to two of Denmark’s international airports

Keolis has been awarded an eight-year contract to operate bus services linking the city of Aarhus to two international airports. This new contract reinforces Keolis’ presence in Denmark, where it operates Aarhus light rail, the country’s first network, as well as buses. Keolis was awarded the country’s second light rail network in November 2018. It also reinforces Keolis’ expertise in public transport connections to airports thereby reducing the number of cars on the road and pollution

On 15 January 2019, Midttrafik, a Danish public transport authority, awarded Keolis a contract to operate bus services linking the city of Aarhus to two international airports, Billund and Tirstrup. As part of this 8-year contract starting on 29 September 2019, Keolis is also responsible for the maintenance of the bus fleet. This is the first time Keolis will operate airport bus services in Denmark where it already operates regular bus services and light rail networks.

Aarhus, Denmark’s largest city in the country, sits on the east coast of Jutland some 100km from Billund airport and 45km from Tirstrup airport. The two lines will be operated by five and six Scania-made buses respectively, each one with a 47 passenger capacity.  

Via an app developed by Keolis Denmark, passengers will be informed of the bus’ capacity in real-time and allow them to choose and book their seats.

Keolis Denmark has worked closely with Scania to enhance the interior of the new buses to ensure passengers have the most enjoyable travel experience. Buses will feature luggage areas below seats, shelves for hats and special areas for skis and bicycles. They will also have an infotainment system that displays both flight information and other content shared by the airports.

Keolis reinforces its mobility offer in Denmark

Keolis has been present in Denmark since 2007 and operates around 500 buses in nine cities and is responsible for two of the country’s light-rail networks, one in Aarhus which opened in December 2017, and another in Odense, which is scheduled to open in 2020. Keolis counts 1,500 employees in Denmark.

… and confirms its expertise in airport connections

Keolis provides airport connections with bus services in Florida (US), Belgium and the Greater Paris region (France), by light rail services in Bergen (Norway) and by regional train and express service to Gatwick airport in London (UK).

The group, which has recently been chosen as preferred bidder - as part of a consortium – for the operation of the direct train from Paris to Charles de Gaulle airport (CDG Express, France), will soon start operating the automated metro that will serve Shanghai Pudong international airport (China).